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A beautiful performance at the NanJing 南京 Youth Olympics 2014

500 performers dancing in the sky ...

The poster thumbnail is blurred but the video is clear : )

[video v=8oqPR5-GLuA]

The Dutch National Ballet, impromptu performance, BeiJing 北京

[video v=C8sRgwlEgE0]

Silk Road of the Sea – a great stage performance

A stunning performance from the Opening Gala of the Asian Games 2010 in GuangZhou.

GuangZhou has been a major port for over 1,000 years and gateway to the Silk Road of the Sea.

[video v=1CDjEp202p4 start=30][video v=G-tAm262Gzg start=65][video v=8vVLN6_NFT8]

Beautiful scenes from the ‘Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony’ 少林寺

Shaolin Temple is located near the base of SongShan Mountain near DengFeng in Henan province and is the cradle of ShaoLin Kung Fu Buddhist culture.

The live show is located in DaiXian Valley, 7 kilometers from the ShaoLin Temple and ten kilometers south of DengFeng in ZhengZhou city. Performances: 20:00 - 21:15 between mid-March and mid-November.

Awesome ...

[video v=tG7-9EN76XA start=40]

Impression LiuSanJie 印象刘三姐, YangShuo

Some scenes.

This impressive outdoor show near YangShuo is based primarily on the folklore of the Zhuang ethnic minority.

[video v=PtEpfR48qJA]
[video v=zHSZ23xN_-4]
[video v=Tvo4WGqIft0 start=150 stop=240]

Traditional music and dance at Xi'An 西安

Some highlights filmed at the ShaanXi Grand Opera House ...

Tang Dynasty music and dance show, Xi'An 西安

ShaanXi province.

Impression LiuSanJie 印象刘三杰, YangShuo

A wonderful performance just 2 kilometers along the Li River from YangShuo. The show incorporates local traditions, and around 600 performers combine with the beautiful setting to poetically elucidate the harmony of people and nature.

Acrobatics show in BeiJing 北京

Some scenes from the performance ...

Performances at the BeiJing 北京 International Film Festival

Orchestra Italiana del Cinema. Performing at the first Beijing International Film Festival in Beijing, April 2011. Includes performances at the National Centre for the Performing Arts and the Great Hall of the People.

The China Disabled People`s Performing Art Troupe

An excerpt from Impression West Lake 印象西湖, HangZhou 杭州

Drum Tower 鼓塔 performance, BeiJing

Each hour, on the hour, daytime. Traditionally, Chinese towns, and temples, have both a drum and a bell tower.

Incredible acrobatics - video

From the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2010.

ShaoLin monks performance

Filmed in autumn 2010.

Young drummers' impromptu performance in ShanXi 山西 province - video

Energetic and spirited music ... "Came across this band of drummers inside the so-impressive temple built and dedicated to one of the heroes of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu (later immortalized and widely worshipped as Guan Di). Guan Yu was a native of Yuncheng. The temple's giant modern statue of Guan Di was funded by donations from units of the party-state and state sector enterprises. [The] Band of drummers were practising and they put on this impromptu concert for us."

Shaolin Temple 少林寺 monks performance

Near ZhengZhou, HeNan province.

Dance at the Ethnic Culture Park 中华民族园, BeiJing - video

A few clips of ethnic dances at the ZhōngHuá MínZú Yuán. At the end of each performance you might be invited to learn a few new steps yourself ...

Tang Dynasty dance - video

From a show in Xi'An ...

ShangHai 上海 World Expo scenes : fountains and drums

The first film shows the musical fountains set in the HuangPu river. The second film shows a drumming performance in the South Korean pavilion.

Impression YangShuo 印象阳朔, GuangXi province - video

A show based on traditional folk arts, wonderfully staged on the Li River ...

The Tang Dynasty Show in Xi'An 西安

The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has become a classic that has been running since 1982 and has also toured many countries. Xi'An, formerly known as Chang'An, was the imperial capital during 13 dynasties. Of these, the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) was perhaps the most glorious of all. The Tang was open to outside influences, taking in the best of various art forms of not only past dynasties but also the ethnic groups in China as well as central and western Asia, including a wide range of unusual musical instruments and a variety of techniques in painting, sculpting, patterns, costume design, poetry, singing and dancing. The performances have their roots in folk arts, developing over thousands of years. The show presented today is a recreation of traditional entertainment based on much historical research. Staged with a visualization of the Tang imperial court as its setting, the production manifests a unique classical style with features typical of Xi'An.

TianQiao acrobatics performance, BeiJing 北京

At the TianQiao Acrobatic Theater in BeiJing. This performer shows incredible strength and balance.

Dance performances at the ShangHai 上海 World Expo - video

A sample of the various dances that take place each day at the World Expo 2010, both indoors and out ... The great band in the first video is from Morocco.

An after-dinner show in Xi'An 西安

Excerpts ...

Dance performance in Xi'An

Filmed in spring 2009. Dancing in the moonlight ...

Dance performances at the Splendid China Park, 深圳

Filmed in January 2010. This excerpt features dances based on the Thai and Yi minorities. An outdoor traditional culture dance performance :

How to take good care of a priceless Ming Vase (acrobatics)

A performance at a Roast Duck restaurant in BeiJing. Amazing skill ! Not impressed? Then how about this ;)

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