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BeiJing 北京, the blue sky city – 1080p version, 2017

[video v=SuNenmITCN4]

Rough-cut version - a polished version will appear here some day ...

Bonus films - 'One day in BeiJing', 'a 17 hours cycle ride around DongCheng, central BeiJing' and BeiJing's unicycle acrobatic stars on French TV; wow - awesome ...

[video v=nu_dCjXTEX8][video v=-EAoMoas9nY][video v=jR2BFE2ndYY][video v=ZeYElDkpDSQ]

Love - is the only way ...


Electric unicycle ride, ShenZhen 深圳

Filmed in December 2014.

No 'stem' or handle-bars, and only one wheel so more easily manouverable by leans. It's just awesome !

[video v=0vQYJ_zImz0 stop=205]

Flying along the river at night in ZhongShan city, GuangDong province.

[video v=NGFhDbAgChQ]

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