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ShaoLin Monastery and surroundings

Plus a first look at Xi'An ...

[video v=HA8a5TmrCg8]

Beautiful scenes from the ‘Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony’ 少林寺

Shaolin Temple is located near the base of SongShan Mountain near DengFeng in Henan province and is the cradle of ShaoLin Kung Fu Buddhist culture.

The live show is located in DaiXian Valley, 7 kilometers from the ShaoLin Temple and ten kilometers south of DengFeng in ZhengZhou city. Performances: 20:00 - 21:15 between mid-March and mid-November.

Awesome ...

[video v=tG7-9EN76XA start=40]

ShaoLin monks performance

Filmed in autumn 2010.

[video v=1ObnN6P5mnk start=21]

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