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The Great Wall of China near BeiJing

BaDaLing and MuTianYu Great Wall (about 1+ hours from BeiJing city center) ...

[video v=rs8-cGdyEHI stop=10:35 columns=1 c=1]

JinShanLing and SiMaTai Great Wall (about 2+ hours from BeiJing) ...

[video v=OEbZ5Y-sxAo columns=1 c=1]

Bonus films -

Plus, Cindy Zhang shows us a hike along the rugged JianKou section of the Great Wall (it is not far from MuTianYu) ...

[video v=vX0TxRXTGOg columns=1 c=1]

MuTianYu and SiMaTai Great Wall from above

Two sections of the Great Wall of China north of BeiJing ...

[video v=hctZTNRFucM]

Plus - why not run the Great Wall Marathon 2018 on May 1st ...

[video v=BBrxcpdowEQ start=71]

Hiking the Great Wall 长城 of China in the snow

A great film of the Great Wall north of Beijing, including 'wild wall', accompanied by great music (踏古 (Ta Gu) by Lin Hai, 'Walking into Ancientry', with Chinese lute (pipa)).

We [mum, dad - videographer - and son and daughter, from Singapore] hiked 3 sections of the Great Wall in winter, without any guides after studying blogs and posts by fellow hikers.

All these sections are different. From the unrestored GuBeiKou Great Wall where we were the only people around, to the wonderful JinShanLing, where the climb is steep and every direction gives you good photo opportunities, to the restored MuTianYu where we hiked in heavy snowfall.

We stayed at local farmhouses on both nights, dined with the locals and hitched rides to nearby bath-houses. Temperature ranged from -5 deg C (day) to -12 deg C (night). Winter daybreak is at 7am and the sky becomes dark by 5pm so one has only 10 hours of daylight, so plan your travelling and hiking schedules carefully.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience was captured on video and we would like to share it with you. The feelings just can't be described - you need to experience it first hand.

Take only memories, leave only footprints and kindness ...

[video v=LQE4p2jjOik start=39]

A wonderful animation combining traditional Chinese painting and dance - don't miss it !

[video v=UKT4t9DpxqE]



Wild Great Wall : JianKou 箭扣 to MuTianYu 慕田峪

An hour or so north of Beijing.

[video v=O7dywhPHUiE start=237 stop=338]

MuTianYu 慕田峪 Great Wall 长城 trip

Near Beijing.

Filmed in 2012 ...

[video v=Dg9kNw0sEgY] [video v=fvcvwv48mWM]

The Great Wall at MuTianYu 慕田峪 luge slide

Toboggan / luge. Filmed in the summer of 2012 ...

The toboggan ride at MuTianYu Great Wall, BeiJing 北京

The quick, and fun, way down the mountain ...

The Great Wall at MuTianYu 慕田峪, BeiJing

With Sticker Travel. After trekking the Great Wall, the team chill out at Chun Hui Yuan Spa Resort, then head back downtown to view the Forbidden City at sunset from the hilltop in JingShan Park ...

The luge / slide at MuTianYu Great Wall, BeiJing 北京

Tired legs? Take a relaxing and fun slide down the mountain ... The first film is in summer and is smoother because the riders are slower. The second is in winter with snow on the ground and (at times) a lot more speed.

A quick guide to MuTianYu 慕田峪 Great Wall

One and a half hours north east from BeiJing.

Hiking the Great Wall 长城 : from JianKou to MuTianYu - video

This hike takes about four hours or so. MuTianYu is a restored section, but the rest of this hike is 'wild wall'.

The Great Wall 长城 of China : JianKou to MuTianYu

A hike of about 4 hours or so, starting with the magnificent 'Wild Wall' at JianKou. Situated about one and a half hours north of BeiJing.

A trip to Mutianyu Great Wall - video

Filmed in May 2010.

A view from MuTianYu Great Wall - video

Filmed in spring 2010.

Luge slide at MuTianYu Great Wall, BeiJing

A fun way down; 1.5 km long. Second film is in winter with some snow; third in autumn with golden leaves. In the fourth, the guy didn't use the brake that much!

A trip to MuTianYu Great Wall - video

Filmed in October 2008.

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