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Hiking the Great Wall of China at JianKou 箭扣, BeiJing

An awesome video - don't miss it !

[video v=-b3tZkT2gfQ]

Bonus films - ChenJiaPu 陈家沟 'wild' Great Wall ...

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The Great Wall of China near BeiJing

BaDaLing and MuTianYu Great Wall (about 1+ hours from BeiJing city center) ...

[video v=rs8-cGdyEHI stop=10:35 columns=1 c=1]

JinShanLing and SiMaTai Great Wall (about 2+ hours from BeiJing) ...

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JianKou 万里 Great Wall 长城, BeiJing from the air

[video v=BpEWKBB6lYw]

Wild Great Wall : JianKou 箭扣 to MuTianYu 慕田峪

An hour or so north of Beijing.

[video v=O7dywhPHUiE start=237 stop=338]

The beautiful JianKou 箭扣 Great Wall, BeiJing

Filmed in 2011 ...

[video v=Npis2alRr-U]

The Great Wall of China at JianKou 箭扣, BeiJing

The JianKou ('Arrow Head') section of the Great Wall is one of the most picturesque.

It is also un-restored; and with steep inclines and long drops, also one of the most dangerous.

JianKou lies between the MuTianYu and HuangHua sections.

Filmed and edited by

[video v=ZkoSvQv_vi0]

More about JianKou Great Wall


Hiking along the Great Wall 长城 near BeiJing

First video is the JinShanLing section; the second is 'wild wall' at the 'Beijing Knot', part of JianKou.

[video v=GOAjg3CR2lM]   Plus more videos ...



Hiking the Great Wall 长城 : from JianKou to MuTianYu

This hike takes about four hours or so.

MuTianYu is a restored section, but the rest of this hike is 'wild wall'.

[video v=nrx27Cz1B8E]

The Great Wall 长城 of China : JianKou to MuTianYu

A hike of about 4 hours or so, starting with the magnificent 'Wild Wall' at JianKou.

Situated about one and a half hours north of BeiJing.

[video v=nrx27Cz1B8E]

The Great Wall – a Beijing Buzzz video

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