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The beautiful BeiHai Park 北海公园, central BeiJing 北京

BěiHǎi GōngYuán is just a five minute walk (north west) from the Forbidden City (immediately west of sister JingShan Park).

[video v=YBZzplHbCrE]

Beautiful Beijing 北京 – the main attractions

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum), the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall (at Badaling), Beihai Park, the Botanical Garden, JingShan Park, the Olympic Park, Qianmen

Welcome to the blue-sky city ...

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The beautiful Beihai Park 北海公园 in central BeiJing

Spring is coming soon - welcome ...

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BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing – beautiful slideshow

A film by ...

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Traditional Chinese music ensemble in BeiHai Park 北海公园

An informal gathering in Beijing.

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BeiJing 北京 in time-lapse (6) - video

Including the Birds Nest stadium and Beihai Park ...

Central BeiJing 北京

Including TianAnMen Square, BeiHai Park, WangFuJing and the Forbidden City.

The beautiful BeiHai Park 北海公园 in central BeiJing - video

Filmed in autumn 2010 ...

Beautiful Beihai Park 北海公园, BeiJing 北京

Some of the sights in the wonderful BeiHai Park in central BeiJing ...

XinJiang style dance fun in BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

Boating through lotuses, BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

South east section of the lake.

Beautiful BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

BeiHai Park, in central Beijing close to the Forbidden City, is one of the oldest and most authentically preserved imperial gardens in China. BeiHai Park is an excellent living example of the ancient Chinese art of landscaped gardens with artificial hills, pavilions, halls, temples and covered corridors blended with trees, hills and the lake in a harmony of man and nature. Indeed, BeiHai Park is like a mini Summer Palace in the heart of Beijing. The white dagoba atop the hill on the island of the lake is one of the famous landmarks of Beijing. Don't miss : Passing through the temple up to the white dagoba Exploring the many other features dotted around the slopes of the hill Visiting the hidden gems on the north side of the park - the Peaceful Heart Studio with its ponds, pavilions and rock gardens, the Heavenly King Hall, the Nine Dragon Screen, DaCiRen Hall and the Pavilion of One Thousand Happinesses. Pictures 1 Pictures 2

Boating on BeiHai Park 北海公园 lake, BeiJing - video

Filmed in October 2010.

BeiHai Park, BeiJing 北京, a panorama

Filmed in October 2010. Standing at the north end of the western shore of the lake by the Five Dragon Pavilions.

Sunset boating in BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

Filmed in October 2010.

XinJiang-style dance in BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

Filmed in October 2010.

BeiHai Park timelapse, BeiJing 北京

Filmed during the week-long 'National Day' holiday; October 2010.

Boating through lotuses, BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing - video

BěiHǎi GōngYuán. Lotuses are best July to September.

BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing 北京 : ten scenes

Filmed in October 2010

BeiHai Park 北海公园 slide-show, BeiJing 北京

There are nearly 300 photographs in this beautiful slideshow ...

Local activities in BeiJing's parks 北京

Exercise, singing and dancing in Beihai Park and the Temple of Heaven ...

A trip to BeiJing 北京 (2)

Places include the Forbidden City and BeiHai Park.

Early morning in BeiHai Park

In common with other parks throughout BeiJing, and indeed throughout China, Beihai Park is a hive of activity in the early morning ...

BeiJing 北京 from the air

Including the Great Wall at SiMaTai, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and more ...

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