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Beautiful Beijing 北京 – the main attractions

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum), the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall (at Badaling), Beihai Park, the Botanical Garden, JingShan Park, the Olympic Park, Qianmen

Welcome to the blue-sky city ...

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QianMen, BeiJing 北京

QianMen, literally 'Front Gate', once served as the outer entrance to the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City).

In particular ZhengYangMen, 'Gate of True Sun', the grand stone gateway that was once part of the city wall around the inner city. On the outside of this gate, the QianMen area was traditionally focused on retail and entertainment.

Just south of ZhengYangMen lies JianLou, 'Archery Tower' or 'Arrow Tower'.

Rebuilt in 2007 in late Qing style, the pedestrianized QianMen Street is once again a lively place. The famous Lao She TeaHouse, with Chinese style cabaret in the evenings is nearby.

QianMen lies immediately south of TianAnMen Square.

The nearest subway station is QianMen (line 2).

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Lao She Tea House 老舍茶馆, BeiJing

Video : China : Lao She Tea House 老舍茶馆, BeiJing

Founded in 1988, Lao She Tea House was named after Mr. Lao She, a famous artist in China, and 'Tea House', one of his famous novels. In a spacious area of more than 2,600 square meters, the tea-house provides the flavor of old Beijing. You can watch wonderful performances of folk arts, music, acrobatics, cabaret and drama on any given day while enjoying famous teas, palace snacks, as well as traditional Beijing cuisine. Numerous celebrities and more than 2 million Chinese and foreign tourists have visited Lao She Tea-house since it was founded. It has been a window for exhibiting the national culture and a bridge that connects China with the world. Evening performances start at 7:30.

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