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Breakfast in NanJing 南京 …

A fascinating look at the wide variety of breakfast foods on offer ...

[video v=hHltzvJYw1M]

ShangHai 上海 Sunrise

Beautiful ...

[video v=irM9TBuzI_w] [video v=3Xruz5HApzQ start=35] [video v=4ySe4W6M48s start=35]

Good morning BeiJing 北京 !

Early morning in the Temple of Heaven (TianTan) park ...

[video v=R7qakyyTZoM] [video v=c1RRqJQXL9g]

NanLuoGuXiang 南锣鼓巷, BeiJing

Sticker Travel visits the delightful NanLuoGuXiang street in the hutongs of BeiJing ...

[video v=2GDig9Rak9Y start=75]

Early morning at QianHai 前海 Lake, BeiJing

About 7am.

QianHai is the lake between HouHai and BeiHai Park (across Di'AnMen street) and includes Lotus Lane along the south west side, with lake-side bars and dining.

XiHai, HouHai and QianHai are collectively known as ShiChaHai. All three have interesting places to eat and drink, and are particularly popular at night.

Between HouHai and QianHai lies the ancient JinDing bridge (JinDing Qiao); from the east side one can follow the interesting pedestrianised lane YanDaiXie Jie to the Drum and Bell Towers. Parallel to QianHai a little further east lies Nan LuoGuXiang.

[video v=pNTUeiaRQqg]

Morning TaiChi in HangZhou 杭州

Seniors practice Tai Chi in a HangZhou park ...

Early morning in YangShuo - video

GuangXi province.

Early morning in BeiJing 北京

ChangPuHe Park, just east of the Forbidden City and Tian'AnMen Square is separated from the busy street by a high wall. This film nicely juxtaposes the relaxing scenes in the park with the rush hour of city life just next door ...

Early morning in BeiHai Park

In common with other parks throughout BeiJing, and indeed throughout China, Beihai Park is a hive of activity in the early morning ...

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