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Happy New Year – 2019 – from BeiJingBuzzz

Wishing everyone a very happy 2019 - BeiJingBuzzz. Live more !!

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Da Mei (music) and ribbon dance

A beautiful song from YunNan province ...

Filmed in JingShan Park, central Beijing, by BeijingBuzzz.

[video v=UGKYyKMGIsw]

One night in BeiJing – music videos

A song from rock band SHIN that pays homage to Chinese Opera and has become quite a well known anthem. Sung here superbly by the beautiful Angela.

My translation of the key verse :

I don't care where you came from

I don't know if you'll return

But with you in my arms now

Gonna hold you

Just as long as I can

[video v=JfRe2DQ21CY]

Bonus film - "Nine million bicycles in BeiJing"

[video v=Wer5dWRcSSY]

True beauty is a pure heart.


Let life be beautiful … music selection …

Sung by Alu Azhou and the Mountain Wind Group 阿鲁阿卓, 山风组合 生如夏花.

Inspired by Stray Birds by famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, 1916 (生如夏花之绚烂,死如秋叶之静美 --飞鸟集, 泰戈尔, 1916). Lyrics and Music by PU Shu (朴树).

"In this life, we can not stay so long ..."

Plus Song of the Surging Water - title song of the 2015 movie Wolf Totem 汪峰 沧浪之歌(《狼图腾》主题曲). Sung by Wang Feng.

Lyrics by WANG Feng (汪峰); music by Adam HUANG (HUANG Yong, 黄勇); with Alianuul (Morin Khuur solo) and NING FangLiang (violin solo).

"I am broken, but I love flying ..."

[video v=aJ0S9apslxk][video v=RlvBbE9uJgw]

鄧紫棋 G.E.M. - 存在_我是歌手第二季 (2014年1月10日)

[video v=wpjeUoqglI0]

‘Your Collar’, a haunting, romantic song from the imperial music of the Han Dynasty ...

[video v=UDxBR_cHQWg start=60]

(Life is like a) Warm Spring with Blooming Flowers 春暖花开 (when I am with you) ...

[video v=JcSdC_oZ26s]

Wang Feng song, 'I love you, China' 我爱你 中国 (Wo Ai Ni, Zhong Guo) from the CCTV New Year Gala ...

[video v=uNPbIYJU89A]

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Chinese traditional music – long play (1)

[video v=nVBOCKYxGi0]


A selection of Buddhist songs / music

Buddha Said | Great Compassion Mantra | Sweep of our minds | Heart Sutra | Zen Charm | Prayer for the earthquake in Ya'An (2013)

Tibetan song collection

Best of the Tibet Amdo Losar New Year Gala 2016 ...

Chinese traditional music - long play (2)

New Year's Eve music concert, 2016

An excerpt from HuNan TV's New Year 2016 concert. Starting with a beautiful, haunting song, in English; Adele Atkins / Jim Lee. "The two of us, we're running out of time ..." Singer: Zhāng Jié 张杰 Chinese vocalists are now among the world's best. Also includes '(I'm your) Venus (I'm your fire)', plus Chris Lee with 'Let Me Grow, Let Me Glow'. (HuNan is a province in central China.) Enjoy our half hour extract from the four and a half hours New Year gala. Three great vocalists, six great performances. From ballad to techno to duet to 70s anthem to dance - it's BeijingBuzzz for sure. Just remember - cherish every mistake as a chance to grow; that every problem requires only clear sight - become free of all attachments (beliefs) and see What Really Is ... (that might not sound much, but it is all you need to know). 'Bon voyage' to all our visitors - love life; live it now, with no delay (it's shorter than you think). Though nothing need last forever, it all should be 100% true and with love ... If you can, please support BeijingBuzzz with a donation ... we're totally out of cash, but never, ever out of spirit ...

'Beautiful snow county is my home' - music video

A touching song about life and friendship ... Forget the sub-titles, just watch the video

A beautiful selection of traditional Chinese music

All of me & In the arms of an angel : Jane Zhang

So beautiful ...     Don't miss this ! 'All of me' by John Legend plus 'In the arms of an angel' by Sarah McLachlan 现场版《倾听》:张靓颖再飙完美海豚音 張靚穎《咱們結婚吧》電影版主題曲《終於等到你》(完整版MV) 張靚穎,舒浩煬,曹格 - I'll be there (Michael Jackson) + 冬天裏的一把火 (音樂大師課-北京衛視) Click on the tag 'Jane Zhang' below for more songs ...

Song of the Surging Water

Title song of the 2015 movie Wolf Totem 汪峰 沧浪之歌(《狼图腾》主题曲) Sung by Wang Feng

The Chinese New Year Gala, 2015

A selection of songs from the China Central TV Gala, Beijing TV (BTV), Hunan TV, and more ...

A selection of traditional Chinese music and song ...

The first film is from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2013, with singer Na Ying. The song : [Because of You, My Life is] A Warm Spring With Blooming Flowers. In 2015, the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) runs from the 19th to the 25th February. The second is from China's National Games Opening Ceremony in 2009. The song is Like A Dream. The third film features the music 'Legend of Chinese Mountains' and is about the five sacred mountains of China and the Chinese love of nature and balance with nature. Fourth is 'Your Collar', a romantic song from the imperial music of the Han Dynasty. Fifth song is 'A Nation of Greatness and Courtesy' and is about the Chinese character of virtue and friendship. Greatness in Chinese thinking is virtue; all three core Chinese philosophies - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism - stress that strength and happiness (well-being) lies in balance, not power (dominance). The last film features music from a documentary about the DaMing Palace (DaMing Gong) of the Tang Dynasty, at the heart of the dynasty's capital Chang'An (which means 'eternal peace'). The palace area is a little north east of the city of Xi'An in ShaanXi province.

Separated by a River - the original 12 Girls Band

From 10 years ago, the beautiful Russian folk song at a concert in Beijing ...

Song - Best wishes China's Olympics team, from Beijing - video


Traditional Chinese song - video

The visuals are from the story 'Journey to the West'.

'Travelling Girl' (music) - video

Filmed in and around ChengDu.

Song : The Tree of Life (Olive Tree) - video

The Taiwanese superstar diva Chyi Yu sings Olive Tree and C'est La Vie ... Don't ask from where I have come My home is far, far away;Why do you wander so far Wander so far, wander so far ...For the little bird flying in the sky,For the blue brook running in the mountain,For the broad meadow green and wide,I wander, wander so far ...Then, is there more ? Yes, For the Olive tree of my dream ...

Tiger Hill, SuZhou 苏州

In JiangSu province. A large yet low and picturesque hill dotted with historical attractions. A famous Song Dynasty poet, Su Shi, once wrote: 'It would be a lifelong pity, if having visited Suzhou, one did not visit Tiger Hill.' On the summit sits Tiger Hill Pagoda, which has become a symbol of SuZhou and has the distinction of being China's Leaning Tower (a la the one in Pisa, Italy). Built during the Northern Song dynasty (959-961), it is a 48 meter tall, seven-story octahedron, in the style of the timber pagodas constructed during the early Tang dynasty.

'Life along the river during the Ching-Ming Festival' - video

A large animated screen inside the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. This screen is an animated version of a famous historical picture scroll called 'Life along the river during the Ching-Ming Festival'. The artist was Zhang ZeDuan (1085-1145) who created the original during the Song dynasty; this is now housed in the Palace Museum and is over 5m wide.

Local activities in BeiJing's parks 北京

Exercise, singing and dancing in Beihai Park and the Temple of Heaven ...

Songs from the ShangHai 上海 World Expo opening concert

A selection of the songs and fireworks ...

River boat song, YangShuo - video

Bamboo raft, beautiful scenery, lovely tour guide ...

A Chinese New Year Song - video

A song in celebration of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) ...

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