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Peppered beef stir fry

A cuisine masterclass for cooking this classic Chinese food dish ...

[video v=VIMykMKbslQ]

SiChuan pork ‘fire noodles’ – from scratch

YiBin Ran Mian ...

[video v=2DEQBAYIry0]

Walnuts 核桃 (HéTáo) – gathering and preparing

"There's a century-old walnut tree growing in JiuFang, YunNan province, which can yield more than 1,500 kilograms of walnuts a year. Each year during the harvest season, I would go and get some walnuts for later use. Compared to newly grown trees, its walnuts are more fragrant and tasty. They are the perfect ingredients for making porridge or cold salad dish."

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The magical matsutake mushroom 松茸 (SōngRóng)

"Under the red pine trees above 3,000 meters sea level, there is a fairy ingredient - 松茸 (Matsutake; the French call it Champignon de pint). It's an edible fungus with extremely high nutritional value and a very special aroma. It still can not be artificially cultivated. From "Charcoal Roasted Matsutake" to "Matsutake Chicken Soup" to "Matsutake Wine" ... I made these dishes with the utmost devout ritual using this most precious ingredient!"

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Millet porridge and chrysanthemum tea (wild chrysanthemum flowers 菊花 JúHuā)

漫山遍野的野菊花 真惹人喜歡,摘回來做成小米菊花粥和菊花茶

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DIY wood mold for mooncakes and a special ‘five nut’ recipe


"On Mid-Autumn Festival, I made a wooden mold to make five-nuts mooncake from my childhood memory.
When I was young, I love to eat melon seeds, peanuts, crystal sugar in five-nuts mooncake, and occasionally I could eat a bit of sour pericarpium citri reticulatae.
When l eat such a five-nuts mooncake again, all the memories come back."


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Fermented soybeans (GuiZhou style) 貴州傳統風味

[video v=zmDVyrqN-WM]

Ginger 生活

[video v=gGpHXodJ4xY]   Plus more videos ...



Grow your own bean sprouts

From green Mung Beans ...

Sprouted beans add a nice soft crunch to stir-fries, and also make the nutrition they contain more easily absorbed. There are many other herbs, seeds, garlic shoots and more to explore, without a farm, or even a garden.

[video v=0rUB1eau_to]

Chinese dumplings ! Recipes and techniques

Two films; sweet rice dumplings further down.

Chicken and cilantro, pan fried ...

[video v=kg6dm8535TI]

Chicken and cilantro dumplings(makes 60 dumplings)

all purpose flour or dumpling flour 400g a little bit more than 2.5 cups
salt:1g 1/4 teaspoon
room temperature water : 240g a little bit less than a cup

chicken thigh:500g
regular soy sauce:16g 1 tablespoon
ginger paste:3g 1/2 teaspoon
egg white :1
white pepper powder :1g 1/4 teaspoon
five-spice powder:1g 1/4 teaspoon
2 green onions chopped
salt:4g 1/2 teaspoon
sesame oil :4g 1 teaspoon

for frying :
oil 12g 1 tablespoon
water 60g 1/4 cup杯
cook for 5-6 minutes

Sweet rice dumplings

  Plus more videos ...



DIY chiseled stone cooking pot

Video : China : DIY chiseled stone cooking pot

Awesome craftsmanship ... Bonus film - a beautiful wood bowl ... And - pack basket plus hot, sweet and sour potato noodles ...

Amazing bamboo (3) - delicious bamboo shoots

Video : China : Amazing bamboo (3) - delicious bamboo shoots

Amazing bamboo (2) - steamers and dim sum / yum cha

Video : China : Amazing bamboo (2) - steamers and dim sum / yum cha

Amazing craftsmanship (actually, so good it is art) and culinary skills ...

Chili sauce, from scratch

Video : China : Chili sauce, from scratch

Bonus film - chili and soy sauce ...

Crushed dried chillies plus - how to make and some dishes

Video : China : Crushed dried chillies plus - how to make and some dishes

When the snow falls, let's eat hot pot (huo guo 火锅) ...

Video : China : When the snow falls, let's eat hot pot (huo guo 火锅) ...

Everything you do, do it with love ... Bonus film - home-made tofu (dofu), and the well-known dish - MaPo DoFu ...

Making tofu in China

Video : China : Making tofu in China

How to cook authentic Chinese food at home

Video : China : How to cook authentic Chinese food at home

Or close. Many regional styles and techniques covered. Videos by Chinese Cooking Demystified ... Automatically updated as new videos are posted. Try our fast video gallery search just above - e.g. potato, Cantonese, ....SEA {display: block;}

A Bite of China, series 2

Video : China : A Bite of China, series 2

Fascinating insights into the very varied cuisines of China. Chinese language, but easy to follow.

A bite of China - Chinese food !

Video : China : A bite of China - Chinese food !

The CCTV food series featuring food production, food culture, cooking and dishes. English narration. 1 Gifts of nature 2 The story of staple foods 3 Inspiration for change 4 The taste of time 5 Secrets of the kitchen 6 A perfect blend of five flavors 7 Our farm

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