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More pandas !
ChengDu province.
Around YangShuo 阳朔, GuangXi province
Beautiful XiShuangBanNa 西双银纳, YunNan province
Home of the Dai ethnic minority ...
Beautiful scenery around WuSu 乌苏 in XinJiang province
Far north west China ...
Beautiful scenes from the outdoor show ‘Liu SanJie’ 刘三姐
YangShuo, GuangXi province.
Traditional Chinese style oiled paper and bamboo umbrella
A trip to Kashgar, XinJiang
With Li JingJing ...
The beautiful Summer Palace 頤和園 in BeiJing
Xi’An metro and airport
ShaanXi province. With Walk East ...
ChangSha neighborhood walk – living in balance with nature
HuNan province. With Walk East ...
Hair / scalp cleanse
QingHai Lake 青海湖 – a beautiful music video
QingHai province The group is called HAYA, together with singer DaiQing Tana, and the song is in both mandarin and mongolian. The song is based on a QingHai folk tune. Beautiful in every way ...

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