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The Great Wall 长城 of China Marathon, May 2015 and 2016

HuangYaGuan Great Wall, near TianJin, one hour east of BeiJing by high speed rail, by the coast.

* 2015 ...

[video v=mkQe_rJ8cgU stop=6:05] [video v=SNlRmIwDWIE]

* 2016 ...

Race day film with Liza ...

[video v=Nfsjkkex5zE]

The Hong Kong Flower Show 香港花卉展

Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. This film is from 2015 ...

[video v=UwTbjrHrg4Q]

The Chinese New Year Gala, 2015

A selection of songs from the China Central TV Gala, Beijing TV (BTV), Hunan TV, and more ...

[video v=XoQ5gKEMIho start=3][video v=Bm47kmP8hnY][video v=hKQv1klmgKs start=3][video v=P5q8UgSEkmI start=59][video v=ERSTUblK-JI][video v=I4S2B-6W1nk]

Winter China trip – Beijing to the Harbin Ice Festival, 2015

Open roughly January and February every year (weather dependent); HeiLongJiang province, north East China. Nearest big city - Beijing.

[video v=5gUd9L1edK4 start=29]

Happy New Year 2015 !

From Beijing, China World Trade Center , The Place, ChaoYang Park, and extended highlights of the New Year show at the Olympic Park ...

[video v=cbsi_k0R4_k][video v=iURyPV16yTg][video v=a7fL2Z4TzJA][video v=8X992-Uz_iQ start=3:27]

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