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The Great Wall 长城 of China Marathon, May 2015 and 2016

HuangYaGuan Great Wall, near TianJin, one hour east of BeiJing by high speed rail, by the coast.

* 2015 ...

[video v=mkQe_rJ8cgU stop=6:05] [video v=SNlRmIwDWIE]

* 2016 ...

Race day film with Liza ...

[video v=Nfsjkkex5zE]

The Great Wall 长城 of China Marathon

Scenes from the Great Wall Marathon 2013 ...

[video v=bsqGVM_sFAA start=1:20]

The Great Wall of China Marathon 2014

1st May, near Beijing

[video v=TBlXsr_SrjA start=413][video v=8oxBULtko0A]

Extreme Marathon, LiJiang 丽江

The marathon routes around LiJiang. passing the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge.

This film is of the 2013 event which took place at the end of march (2013).

[video v=P2mg9aa1ztA]

The Great Wall 长城 Marathon 2013 (2)

An hour north from BeiJing city center ...

[video v=atmgw0rqwZk] [video v=ENHkL6gqDjU]

The Shangri-la - LiJiang 'Ultra Marathon' - video

2012 (first) and 2011 ...

The Great Wall 长城 Marathon 2011

Scenes along the way ...

The Great Wall 长城 Marathon, 2010 - course walk

This year the Great Wall Marathon was held on May 15th at the HuangYaGuan section. Prior to the race, the competitors have a chance to walk along the course, and take souvenir pictures and video ...

The Great Wall Marathon - video

At the Great Wall near Beijing in November 2009.

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