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ShenZhen 深圳 – city of the future (documentary)

A look at how the city of ShenZhen is leading the way in robots, electric vehicles and solar powered charging stations, plus an automated parking solution ...

[video v=1TZh9f7Ai9M]

Bonus films - aerial view of ShenZhen by drone ...

[video v=7a5A7ceSZTM][video v=FWFhEfyLw1w]

plus, driving around ShenZhen ...

[video v=QxmVuCVMg68][video v=rBxYbcYPbvY]

ZhongGuanCun 中关村, BeiJing

ZhongGuanCun, in Haidian district, to the north west of Beijing, has become a retail magnet, including huge computer and technology malls.

The area has many high rise buildings, many housing international technology companies and looks particularly nice at night with lots of neon and creative street lighting. It is also close to many universities and WuDaoKou

For general shopping visit the malls near Haidian HuangZhuang subway station (lines 4 and 10); for the computers, cameras etc. malls, ZhongGuanCun subway station is nearest (line 4).

YuanMingYuan and the Summer Palace (BeiGongMen subway station; 'North Palace Gate') are just a little further along subway line 4.

[video v=JGYlrWzbz18] [video v=agYHq0EJzzY]

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