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ShangHai 上海 Sunrise

Beautiful ...

[video v=irM9TBuzI_w] [video v=3Xruz5HApzQ start=35] [video v=4ySe4W6M48s start=35]

Spring thaw sunrise on HuangShan 黄山 mountain

AnHui province.

[video v=42Q17UUrhxM]

Trips to the awesomely beautiful HuaShan 华山 …

Grab your walking boots and climb up over night (there are lights) to be ready for sunrise. Also featured is the famous 'Plank Walk'.

HuaShan is one of China's Five Sacred Mountains; it lies in ShaanXi province, about two hours from the city of Xi'An, in central China.

Hike above the clouds (at over 2,000 meters).

Sometimes people talk about 'things to do before you die' - a trip to HuaShan (or HuangShan, EmeiShan, CangShan, WuDang or TaiShan) should be one of those ...

[video v=nkVDCxaZXP0 start=440]
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