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XiangShan Park 香山公园, BeiJing

Fragrant Hills 香山 Park 公园 lies in west BeiJing and is a beautiful place for a day trip, possibly combined with the nearby, and equally beautiful, BeiJing Botanical Gardens ...

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Tranquil Heart Studio, XiangShan Park 香山公园, BeiJing

One of many beautiful places in XiangShan Park, which is located in the Western Hills.

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XiangShan (Fragrant Hills) Park 香山公园, BeiJing

XiangShan Park lies in the well-forested Western Fragrant Hills.

This wonderful park is tranquil yet feature rich extending from the lower gardens and temple to the peak (560 meters) with tea-houses, pagodas and more along the way.

Don't miss the Tranquil Heart Studio, the main part of which is a long corridor encircling a round pond, and further up the hill (middle route) YuHua Villa and QiYue Villa; all three are now partly tea-houses.

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The beautiful Tranquil Heart Studio, XiangShan Park 香山公园

Filmed at the end of September 2010.

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A trip to the beautiful XiangShan 香山 (Fragrant Hills) Park in west BeiJing 北京

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[video v=MLoJmiOhkRQ]
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BeiJing 北京 from the air

Including the Great Wall at SiMaTai, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and more ...

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