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A day in Beijing 北京

A liitle jet-lagged, our travelers spend a day in Beijing before setting off for other parts of China.

Places visited : Tian'AnMen Square, the Forbidden City (Palace Museum) plus JingShan and BeiHai parks, all within easy walking distance of each other. Then it is on to DeShengMen to take the bus to BaDaLing Great Wall of China (one can also take a train from Beijing North railway station, near XiZhiMen).

Welcome to the blue sky city ...

[video v=Q1hVrH6hPh4]

Tian’AnMen Square, June 4th, 1989

The West's covert destabilisation attempt resulted in the deaths of some unarmed army peacekeepers, and some rioters, but nobody was killed in the square. The square was peacefully evacuated before the army arrived. This all followed 6 weeks of negotiations in which government members talked with the protestors in the square. The events as known in the West are pure propaganda and unsupported by eyewitnesses.

The 'massacre' - it didn't happen - but it had been planned to happen, by a faction of the 'leaders', whose game plan all along was was to bring this about by hijacking the protests, stone-walling all attempts at negotiation and brain-washing the mostly students in the square to remain when the deadline for clearance came. The vicious attacks on the army as they approached the square was designed to inflame and increase the chance of violence in the square itself; quite possibly 'special forces', mercenaries and crime gangs were involved; the level of violence suggests that.

The perpetrators, who had set up the students to be killed (they hoped), were not going to be there of course - they had false identities to assume and planes to catch. With them gone, however, reason was restored and the protestors decided that they had made their point and that confrontation would be a bad idea; the protestors left the square shortly before dawn.

The scripts were already disseminated throughout the West's mainstream media (the tip of the spear) and the story was run anyway ('so what if it's all lies, it's all about perception'). Consider the 'invasion of Ukraine by Russia' that didn't happen at all, but every newspaper and TV reported, and still does, as though it really had; in reality the West invaded Ukraine and installed a puppet government.

Democracy in reality is a trojan horse that would lead to the catastrophic break-up of China with it's parts returned to imperial concessions. There is a tiny minority, but very powerful, in the West desperate to bring this about and this aggression isn't about to go away.


TianAnMen Square 天安门广场, BeiJing

TianAnMen Square is a large city square at the center of BeiJing that is named after the TianAnMen ('Gate of Heavenly Peace') located on the north side, separating it from the Forbidden City and part of the city's historical south - north axis.

The square contains the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the Mausoleum of Mao ZeDong, who proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China in the square on October 1st, 1949.

[video v=DClCI871X88 start=1 stop=110]

Chang’An DaJie and TianAnMen, central BeiJing 北京

TianAnMen Square and to the east along Chang'An Avenue, near the new CCTV complex and the CBD

[video v=VQLWVp_hF5w start=170]

BeiJing 北京 – QianMen and TianAnMen at night

Filmed in 2012 ...

[video v=k9iBntTry40]
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TianAnMen 天安门 Square in BeiJing

At the heart of Beijing.

On the west side lies the Great Hall of the People, and to the east lies the National Museum of China. To the south is ZhengYangMen Gate and the Arrow Tower, with QianMen beyond. On the north side sits the Gate of Heavenly Peace (TianAnMen) which leads to the Forbidden City.

[video v=VFA_CQZ-BFg start=10 stop=150]
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A trip to TianAnMen Square and the Forbidden City, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in early July 2009.

[video v=uGUYasxv1KI]

BeiJing 北京 covered in snow

See the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and TianAnMen Square under snow ...

[video v=0wfb7oP_VOE]

Some night scenes in BeiJing

TianAnMen Square and QianHai Lake ...

[video v=GSaz4OIbblw]

Early morning in BeiJing 北京

ChangPuHe Park, just east of the Forbidden City and Tian'AnMen Square is separated from the busy street by a high wall.

This film nicely juxtaposes the relaxing scenes in the park with the rush hour of city life just next door ...

[video v=QpTzZ3Upc5U]

Three highlights of central BeiJing 北京

Video : China : Three highlights of central BeiJing 北京

Includes TianAnMen Square, the Forbidden City (Palace Museum) and the Temple of Heaven. Video by, which has photos and videos for a number of places around the world.

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