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Hand dyed denim-like blue cotton


Calico is a plain-woven textile made from unbleached cotton.

Li ZiQi demonstrates her techniques with this traditional art and craft ...

[video v=ejwQRHtS6cw]   Plus more videos ...



Beijing 北京 trip – places, food, fashion and more …

Mostly food ; )

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) and more in this China travel and culture vlog.

A masterclass of video editing and use of music. A vlog that is 'show, don't tell'.

A trip around the sights and tastes of BeiJing, China.

With Dear Nessie (and Hannah) ...

[video v=VVTbcEYz2D8]

Bonus film look-book ...

  Plus more videos ...



Custom tailoring in GuangZhou

[video v=JTUAmnUt6qU]

Bonus film - new outfit for 200 yuan ...

  Plus more videos ...



SanLiTun 三里屯, BeiJing

SānLǐTún is a popular destination for shopping, fashion, dining and entertainment.

[video v=f6SEuQ6QmyI start=4:55 stop=13:18]

Street fashion in GuLou, BeiJing 北京

In the heart of old Beijing, a variety of young women describe their threads ...

[video v=6ihA_P4Ru-4]

School trip, ice festival, teaching english, beer, surfing, diabolo, fashion, coaster, modern dance – short films

* West Lake boat trip, HangZhou
* Beijing trip
* Tian'AnMen, Beijing
* School trip to China
* The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
* Teaching english in SuZhou
* Beijing Craft Beer Festival
* Surfing in Hainan
* Diabolo in Shanghai
* Small-scale, expat fashion-related businesses in Beijing
* Dragon Coaster, Ocean Park, Hong Kong
* 'Hamlet' - Beijing Dance Theater

[video v=S47KLZGSThE start=11]   Plus more videos ...



Fashion designer Lulu Han’s ShangHai 上海

Some of her favorite places in the city ...

[video v=IiyPkz5sHEk]

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