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Surprise concert at Hong Kong 香港 International Airport :)

A festive flash mob, December 2013.

300 flight attendants, airport staff and even pilots from airline Cathay Pacific stepped forward for this song and dance spectacular ...


[video v=A29acor9_AY]

International Surfing Festival, HaiNan 海南

RiYue Bay, WanNing, 2012.

[video v=Ouxd8Xz1DSQ]

A walk through Hong Kong 香港 International airport

Terminal 1.

[video v=G3ecXdCwzsk]

The HangZhou International Leisure Expo 2011

An introduction ...

[video v=XT3xpRpMh-o]

The ‘AliFest 2010’ in HangZhou

A conference organised by Alibaba.

This interesting film is about a group of student entrepreneurs from the Kairos Society who are attending the this global summit to connect with small business operators from around the world, and to learn from leaders in international trade.

[video v=IW2GUyqRC_U]

The International Green Expo 2010, QingDao - video

The international expo focused on green technologies will be held in QingDao, ShanDong province July 3rd to July 5th. The biennial green tech expo has been held in China since 2004. This year the expo will focus on technologies conducive to the development of pollution-free buses, organic food, low-radiation electronic products, and environment-friendly building materials.

MagLev train, ShangHai 上海 - video

From PuDong International Airport into central ShangHai. Trains reach 430 km/hr (270 mph) while being smooth and quiet.

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