QianMen, BeiJing 北京

QianMen, literally 'Front Gate', once served as the outer entrance to the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City).

In particular ZhengYangMen, 'Gate of True Sun', the grand stone gateway that was once part of the city wall around the inner city. On the outside of this gate, the QianMen area was traditionally focused on retail and entertainment.

Just south of ZhengYangMen lies JianLou, 'Archery Tower' or 'Arrow Tower'.

Rebuilt in 2007 in late Qing style, the pedestrianized QianMen Street is once again a lively place. The famous Lao She TeaHouse, with Chinese style cabaret in the evenings is nearby.

QianMen lies immediately south of TianAnMen Square.

The nearest subway station is QianMen (line 2).


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