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The magical scenery of GuangXi 广西 – from GuiLin 桂林 to YangShuo 阳朔

Sailing along the Li River and YuLong River, among beautiful karst mountain peaks ...

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Bonus films - starting with 'Let life be beautiful' ...

Sung by Alu Azhou and the Mountain Wind Group 阿鲁阿卓, 山风组合 生如夏花.

Inspired by Stray Birds by famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, 1916 (生如夏花之绚烂,死如秋叶之静美 --飞鸟集, 泰戈尔, 1916). Lyrics and Music by PU Shu (朴树).

"In this life, we can not stay so long ..."

Plus, heading to the northern grasslands, Song of the Surging Water - title song of the 2015 movie Wolf Totem 汪峰 沧浪之歌(《狼图腾》主题曲). Sung by Wang Feng.

Lyrics by WANG Feng (汪峰); music by Adam HUANG (HUANG Yong, 黄勇); with Alianuul (Morin Khuur solo) and NING FangLiang (violin solo).

"I am broken, but I love flying ..."

We are not here so long - let each day be full of love and beauty ...

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The Li River 漓江 and YangShuo 阳朔 trip

The town 'where nobody is a stranger' ...

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The beautiful YuLong River 遇龙河, YangShuo to Guilin

The YuLong River, YùLóng Hé, starts in YangShuo County near Litang and flows for over 35 kilometers (22 miles) to the Li River near the town of Ping Le; GuangXi province.

The YuLong River is relatively shallow at around 5 meters (16 feet) maximum depth and is an average of 25 meters (82 feet) across.

Unlike the deeper Li River, it has no motorized boat traffic and bamboo rafts, paddle boats and swimming are popular. The bamboo raft journey begins at the YuLong Bridge, which is 400 years old. Hiking and biking are also popular as there are many quaint villages along the river, some offering bed and breakfast accommodation.

The YuLong River Valley is very fertile, and its low-lying terrain is excellent for rice fields. In recent years, farmers have also planted more cash crops such as pomelos, tangerines and mandarin oranges.

[video v=bos1MYHf5qY]

The beautiful YuanMingYuan 圆明园 Park, Beijing

From the ashes of Western imperialism, the first Summer Palace, close by the 'new' Summer Palace (YiHeYuan), is still an enchanting place of natural beauty and Chinese garden arts ...

[video v=QoaYCK279e0] [video v=EefKXLD750s start=4:26]

Guilin 桂林 YuLong River – boating and bamboo rafting

Relax on peaceful rides along beautiful winding rivers through lush vegetation and karst peaks.

GuangXi province, south China.

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A boat ride along the beautiful Li River 漓江

Between GuiLin and YangShuo, GuangXi province.

Sailing along the Li River 漓江

From GuiLin to YangShuo, GuangXi province ...

Boating near YangShuo 阳朔 - video

GuangXi province. Original video by : daankragt Reprocessed to remove the camera shake.

Boating through lotuses, BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

South east section of the lake.

Li River 漓江 boating, GuangXi province - video

Filmed in autumn 2010.

Boating on BeiHai Park 北海公园 lake, BeiJing - video

Filmed in October 2010.

Sunset boating in BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing

Filmed in October 2010.

Boating through lotuses, BeiHai Park 北海公园, BeiJing - video

BěiHǎi GōngYuán. Lotuses are best July to September.

Boating at LongQing Gorge 龙庆峡

The LongQing Xia Scenic Area is located 90km (56 miles) northwest of Beijing (10 kilometers northeast of YanQing). Known also as the 'Lesser LiJiang river outside the Great Wall', it makes a nice day trip from Beijing. Once at the top of the dam, by taking the world's longest elevator, you can take to the water or go hiking around the gorge. The 7 km long lake area is flanked by steep cliffs with many scenic spots. There are a variety of other activities available too, including bungee jumping, zip line and cable cars. In winter, the water here is frozen and dazzling, large ice sculptures are created. Gallery

Four days in YangShuo and GuiLin, GuangXi province - video

Riding mopeds, boating on the Li River, rice terraces and caves ...

Boating at YinCui Gorge 荫翠峡, JiuXiang, YunNan province

There are also caverns to explore.

Views of the Summer Palace 頤和園 lake, BeiJing

Filmed in spring 2009.

A trip to the Summer Palace 颐和园 (11) - video

Filmed during the National Day holiday week, October 2009. Features boating on the lake.

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