China 中国 trips 2013 (3)


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China – 70 years of the Peoples’s Republic – and the developing world
Martin Jacques, Hannah Ryder and David Monyae (with emphasis ob Africa) ... (Note : a few audio issues here and there)
The ‘Panda Base’ Research, Education and Breeding Center, ChengDu 成都
SiChuan province. 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地
A trip to LiJiang  丽江 and XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province
LiJiang is primarily home to the NaXi ethnic minority. XiShuangBanNa is close to the border with Myanmar.
WeiShan, YunNan province
With China Road Tales ...
SanYa 三亚 holiday, HaiNan
Li River 漓江 cruise, GuangXi province – video
Guilin to YangShuo ...
Spring is (almost) here !
With FunFancie and Ben Coleman in HangZhou ... And in ShangHai ... With FunFancie in ShangHai ...
How ‘freedom and democracy’ is actually being a US puppet state
With FridayEveryday ... Bonus films - worldwide development versus worldwide subjugation - with Li JingJing ... Global South Voices ... Green energy in China - with Cyrus Janssen ... Geopolitics update (March 2024) - with Danny Haiphong and Scott Ritter ... With Ben Norton ...
A trip to beautiful ZhangJiaJie 张家界
ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park lies about 270 kilometers (170 miles) to the north-west of ChangSha, the capital of HuNan Province. Part of WuLingYuan 武陵源 Scenic Area.

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