Videos about Spring Festival Gala, China

The awesome Spring Festival Gala 2017

Some highlights from the five hour CCTV spectacular - the best ever !

From BeiJing, ShangHai, YangShuo and Harbin ...

[video v=K4AsdIdXrkY]
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The BeiJing Television (BTV) Spring Festival Gala, 2013

The Chinese New Year show in Beijing ...

[video v=T9Eik27NjbI]
[video v=wImwsOi8QOU]
[video v=AncRdgHB-xg]
[video v=Il2MieRY4Rg]
[video v=7Leo-4ePpZI]

The Spring Festival Gala, 2013

With CCTV ...

[video v=Ug0fmiXx70U]
[video v=BgghtFEZJIU]
[video v=_NK61kCsSsU]
[video v=WxZ4rwg3ltk]
[video v=DO9E6x_74zU]
[video v=sXvR4WFn_IA start=25]
[video v=28J8qna-KBI]

Song and dance from the Spring Festival Gala 2011

Ethnic music and dance.

First, Song ZuYing sings 'Blue is the sky'. Second, an Uyghur dance, 'Dolan Meshrep'. Third, the Mongolian song 'Ode to auspiciousness'. Lastly, an innovative 'laser dance'.

[video v=aiXbIJtmIKo]
[video v=Z19fqPflqeY]
[video v=y17Nyo2Xd_4]
[video v=Y-6d9eS_LWA]

Incredible acrobatics

From the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2010.

[video v=nRv-syKJneU]

Excerpts from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala - video

Each Chinese New Year, CCTV hosts an extravagant and hugely popular gala. Here are a couple of excerpts from past years. The first is a dance called Fei Tan (2008) and in the second Faye Wong sings Legend (2010). The 'Year of the Rabbit' (2011) begins on February 3rd.

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