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China 中国 from the air …

These amazing films capture the beauty of nature and city ...

Hong Kong

[video v=1OJACC_diJ4]

The Great Wall (JinShanLing / SiMaTai, close to Beijing)

[video v=aAqIGYb69O8 c=2]

QingHai province

[video v=1WVKIGHGzAo c=2]

JiuZhaiGou and HuangLong, SiChuan province

[video v=XWEhByoQwhg c=2]

Crescent Moon Spring / Lake, 6 km from DunHuang, GanSu province, north west China

[video v=6KuwnLAEvug start=1:14 c=2]

Guilin and YangShuo, GuangXi province

[video v=ryJrPfiDXIs c=2]
[video v=f98pK3UrWPo c=2]

The Tibetan Plateau, far south west China

[video v=VCe13XIdrvw start=16 c=2]

HuiZhou Coast, GuangDong province, south east China

[video v=c0sDhj7AfcA c=2]

TianShan Mountain area, XinJiang province, far west China

[video v=UCJ0fEkPF-c c=2]

MoGao Grotto, YuMenGuan, YangGuan, JiaYuGuan, YaDan, DanXia; all in GanSu province

[video v=rUZ0F2aLoeU c=2]

Tian Tan Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

[video v=oebopaol9zM start=50 c=2]

GuangZhou, provincial capital of GuangDong and close to Hong Kong

[video v=NVZy28nnFTA c=2]

Various places in China

[video v=PA59qzG_ioE c=2]


Two months in China’s south west 中国

Highlights of an eight week trip though Tibet, YunNan, SiChuan, GanSu and QingHai provinces (2007).

[video v=rnT5k31K8iM]

QingHai lake 青海湖 and plateau

With CCTV's Travelogue ...

[video v=YRA8TfSAkAk]
[video v=faIObew6xLQ c=2]

Morning in XiNing, QingHai province

Morning fun and exercise in a public space, west China.

Featuring the diabolo.

[video v=G8a3_RgSZQU]

The beautiful QingHai Lake 青海湖

QīngHǎi Hú, in QingHai province, lies in a depression on the Tibetan Plateau.

The lake is 3,200 meters above sea level and salty though fed by three rivers. It is an important migratory stop-over for many birds.

Surrounded first by lush grasslands then mountains, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

[video v=me1GqPFbLw4]
[video v=7i5WJ6oUOHQ c=2]


QingHai Lake 青海湖 - a beautiful music video

QingHai province The group is called HAYA, together with singer DaiQing Tana, and the song is in both mandarin and mongolian. The song is based on a QingHai folk tune. Beautiful in every way ...

New arrivals at QingHai Lake - video

Nice footage of a young family of our feathered friends ...

XiNing 西宁, QingHai province

QingHai province lies in west / central China.

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