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China 中国 from the air – a breathtaking journey …

These amazing films capture the beauty of nature and city ...

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Hong Kong

[video v=VIWLW9_Ne6M]

The Great Wall (JinShanLing / SiMaTai, close to Beijing)

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ShenZhen 深圳 and surrounding area from the air

[video v=2hjPDE9zsV4]

Flying around ShangHai 上海

Beautiful drone footage, like a dream ...

[video v=PTtmUVyu_ug start=12]
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ChongQing 重庆 from the air (night)

Despite being one of the world's largest cities, ChongQing is little known in the West. View the sumptuous feast of color as ChongQing TV flies over the city at night

ChongQing (now a municipality) has long served as the economic focus in the upstream YangTze River area; a major manufacturing centre and a transportation hub for south-west China.

[video v=Ta1aOuZdQH8]

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