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Skyline BeiJing 北京

[video v=bzvaBCdW0hM]

Skyline ShangHai 上海

[video v=JS8bxf8f1kw]

ShangHai 上海 skyline

[video v=TQ1Hs4--CNs]

ShangHai night river cruise, with the kids

[video v=-p-cX6JX0R8]

Bonus film - ShangHai in time-lapse ...


Hong Kong White Rose exhibition space 香港白色玫瑰展示塲地

In February 2016, 25,000 white roses, actually LED lights, were installed in the Central Promenade and Tamar Park area of Hong Kong's business district, for both Valentine's day and the Lantern Festival, part of the Chinese New Year period. Beautiful ...

[video v=-aDnBoq6DKs]

Plus, views of Hong Kong's skyline ...

  Plus more videos ...



A drive through the city skyline of ShangHai 上海

In the late afternoon ...

[video v=dYR_AA0ZbEg]

People’s Square in ShangHai

A 360 degree view of the skyline ...

[video v=b-BEkLdhz_E]

A trip to PuDong 浦东, ShangHai

Some great scenes in this film ...

[video v=noYi8M_BfSw start=43 stop=147]

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