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JuYongGuan 居庸关 Great Wall, BeiJing

JuYong Pass is an interesting section of the Great Wall, close to Beijing (slightly nearer than BaDaLing along the same valley), has a steep climb on the west side.

[video v=Z7l934NneoM]

Climbing up the Great Wall of China at JuYongGuan 居庸关, Beijing

The first time I went to JuYong Pass was a coach trip and we had only an hour at this stop on the tour. Yet I was determined to get to the top and return to the coach on time. Result - absolute exhaustion, but I did manage to get some photos along the way :)

In this video, a lot of the early part of the climb is skipped, but I still think you will get the picture.

JuYongGuan is the inner pass of BaDaLing Great Wall.

A great movie moment, superb filming ...

[video v=2wSkD7x4CP0 start=545]

The Great Wall at JuYongGuan 居庸关, Beijing

JūYōng Guān (JuYong Pass) is the nearest section of the Great Wall of China to Beijing - about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the city center.

[video v=BYWaXDGJztU start=10]

A trip to the Great Wall 长城 of China near BeiJing

The adjoining BaDaLing and JuYongGuan sections ...

[video v=gdWLU9TTitw] [video v=k21daIayDu4]

A panorama of JuYongGuan Great Wall, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in the summer of 2012.

[video v=BU9CV7Pt5FY]

A trip to JuYongGuan 居庸关 Great Wall - video

This section of the Great Wall of China is the closest to BeiJing city.

A trip to JuYongGuan Great Wall and the Summer Palace, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in 2010.

A trip to JuYongGuan 居庸关 Great Wall (4)

This section of the Great Wall of China is close to BeiJing (and to BaDaLing Great Wall).

A winter trip to Beijing 北京 (3) - video

Winter 2010 / 2011. Including JuYongGuan Great Wall ...

A trip to the JuYongGuan 居庸关 Great Wall in winter

The nearest part of the Great Wall to the city of BeiJing; just one hour away.

A trip to JuYongGuan Great Wall, Beijing - video

Filmed in 2008. JuYongGuan Great Wall is the closest section of the wall to Beijing city, slightly nearer than BaDaLing, to which it is connected.

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