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Hong Kong 香港 night bus tour
Join us on an open top bus for a circular trip from Central to Kowloon and back ...
Coming soon – the BeiJing Winter Olympics 2022 加油北京
BeiJing and the surrounding HeBei province (YanQing and ZhangJiaKou). Begins Friday, 4 February, 2022, to 20th February. "Together for a Shared Future 一起向未来". With Rafa Goes Around! ...
FengHuang 凤凰 ancient town, and ZhangJiaJie 张家界 national forest park
HuNan province. FengHuang is an ancient water town based on a river. The WuLingYuan scenic area within ZhangJiaJie is also a nature reserve. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Around KunMing 昆明, YunNan province
Flying around ShangHai 上海
Beautiful drone footage, like a dream ...
WuHan night walk, HuBei province
ShangHai drive
Epigenetics – why in most cases you don’t need to be a victim of your DNA
With Dr. Sten Ekberg. Don't miss it ...
Eat to beat disease – with Dr. William Li
His health and nutrition masterclass ...
Infrastructure – China and the US
With Machine Eye ... With Wave Media ...
PingDingShan 平顶山, HeNan province
Including Mount ShiRen.
The magical landscape and culture of GuiLin, GuangXi province
With Emil Sahlén ...

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