Scenes from YunNan 云南 province

South west China ...

YunNan map

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With Daniel Dumbrill ... Daniel talks with Max Blumenthal of Moderate Rebels ... More from the Moderate Rebels channel ... The 'threat' is that of a good example. In China, the people are family. In the West, the people are merely livestock. In the West, it is government by and for the elite (though wrapped in the candyfloss of elections). The Military Industrial Complex plays a part, but the biggest part is the western elites' superiority complex - colonialism never went away, it just became more subtle (but no less brutal).
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Last health post on the latest videos page - from now on, health related videos will be on a new health specific page, featuring the best 4 (so far) health promoters (Berg, Ekberg, Chatterjee, MedCram). Here in a day or so. With Doctor Eric Berg and professor Thomas Seyfried ... Why carbs, fructose, sugar will ruin your health ...

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