Explore beautiful XinJiang 新疆 province …

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September trip, in 2017; charming couple.

XinJiang, north west China, includes the Tien Shan and Kunlun Shan mountains, the Taklimakan Desert, and the Tarim Basin.

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The beautiful YuLong River 遇龙河, YangShuo to Guilin
The YuLong River, YùLóng Hé, starts in YangShuo County near Litang and flows for over 35 kilometers (22 miles) to the Li River near the town of Ping Le; GuangXi province. The YuLong River is relatively shallow at around 5 meters (16 feet) maximum depth and is an average of 25 meters (82 feet) across. Unlike the deeper Li River, it has no motorized boat traffic and bamboo rafts, paddle boats and swimming are popular. The bamboo raft journey begins at the YuLong Bridge, which is 400 years old. Hiking and biking are also popular as there are many quaint villages along the river, some offering bed and breakfast accommodation. The YuLong River Valley is very fertile, and its low-lying terrain is excellent for rice fields. In recent years, farmers have also planted more cash crops such as pomelos, tangerines and mandarin oranges.
XinTianDi 新天地, ShangHai
XinTianDi ('New Heaven and Earth') is a delightful, up-market area partly based on renovated traditional mid-19th century ShiKuMen ('Stone Gate') houses and alleyways. Here you find boutiques, book stores, cafes and restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. Most of the cafes and restaurants feature both indoor and outdoor dining and are popular by day and by night.
Beautiful JingXi 靖西, GuangXi province
Near the border with Vietnam.
The awesome FanJing Mountain, GuiZhou province
With Qingyunji ... Fanjing Mountain, located in Tongren City, Guizhou Province, is a stunning natural and cultural landmark known for its unique landscapes, biodiversity, and spiritual significance. Here's a detailed overview of Fanjing Mountain: ### Location and Overview - **Location**: Fanjing Mountain is situated in the Wuling Mountain range in Tongren City, northeastern Guizhou Province, China. - **Elevation**: The highest peak of Fanjing Mountain reaches an elevation of 2,570 meters (8,430 feet) above sea level. - **UNESCO World Heritage Site**: In 2018, Fanjing Mountain was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich biodiversity and unique geological features. ### Natural Beauty and Biodiversity 1. **Unique Geological Formations**: Fanjing Mountain is characterized by its distinctive rock formations, including the Red Cloud Golden Summit (HongYun JinDing), Mushroom Stone, and Old Golden Summit (LaoJinDing). These formations offer breathtaking views and are popular among photographers and nature enthusiasts. 2. **Biodiversity Hotspot**: The mountain is a biodiversity hotspot, home to numerous rare and endemic species. The area is particularly noted for its diverse plant life, including ancient ginkgo trees, fir forests, and a variety of medicinal herbs. 3. **Endangered Species**: Fanjing Mountain provides habitat for several endangered animal species, such as the Guizhou snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus brelichi), Chinese giant salamander, and various rare birds and insects. ### Spiritual and Cultural Significance 1. **Buddhist Heritage**: Fanjing Mountain is one of the sacred Buddhist mountains in China. It is considered a place of enlightenment and has a long history of Buddhist worship. The mountain is associated with Maitreya Buddha (the future Buddha). 2. **Temples and Monasteries**: There are several ancient temples and monasteries on the mountain, including the Shizhong Temple and the Cheng’en Temple. These religious sites attract pilgrims and tourists alike, offering a peaceful and spiritual retreat. 3. **Pilgrimage Destination**: The mountain's spiritual significance makes it a popular pilgrimage destination for Buddhists, especially during religious festivals and important Buddhist dates. ### Tourist Attractions and Activities 1. **Hiking and Trekking**: Fanjing Mountain offers numerous hiking and trekking trails that cater to various levels of difficulty. The trails provide stunning views of the natural scenery and access to the mountain’s unique rock formations and temples. 2. **Cable Cars**: For those who prefer a less strenuous visit, cable cars are available to take visitors up to the scenic areas and major viewpoints, offering a comfortable and scenic ride. 3. **Panoramic Views**: The Golden Summit, one of the most famous peaks, offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The sight of the sunrise and sunset from this vantage point is particularly spectacular. 4. **Photography**: The unique landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and ancient temples make Fanjing Mountain a paradise for photographers. ### Conservation Efforts 1. **Protected Area**: Fanjing Mountain is part of a protected nature reserve, which helps to preserve its unique ecosystems and biodiversity. 2. **Sustainable Tourism**: Efforts are being made to promote sustainable tourism practices that minimize the impact on the natural environment and local communities while enhancing the visitor experience. ### Visitor Information 1. **Best Time to Visit**: The best time to visit Fanjing Mountain is during the spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) when the weather is mild, and the natural scenery is at its most vibrant. 2. **Accessibility**: Fanjing Mountain can be accessed via Tongren, which is connected to major cities in China by train and air. From Tongren, visitors can take buses or taxis to the mountain’s entrance. 3. **Accommodation**: There are various accommodation options available, ranging from hotels in Tongren to guesthouses and inns near the mountain. ### Conclusion Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and cultural significance. With its unique geological formations, rich biodiversity, and profound spiritual heritage, it offers a diverse and enriching experience for nature lovers, hikers, pilgrims, and tourists. The mountain’s combination of stunning landscapes, rare wildlife, and ancient temples makes it a must-visit destination in China.
Sailing along the Li River 漓江
From GuiLin to YangShuo, GuangXi province ...
Tourists reveal the real China
The West's MSM's lies are being increasingly exposed. Visitors to China are usually 'shocked' to find out the reality of life in China, and that they had been lied to by their own governments. The people are friendly; because they are happy; because China is harmonious and successful and builds infrastructure and takes care of all of the people. With Trip Bitten ...
Nutrition – cholesterol, sodium and fructose (eggs, salt and sugar)
Why the real villain is sugar. With Dr. Sten Ekberg ... With Dr. Robert Lustig ... With Dr. William Li ...
Times Square, ChangSha
A city at night walk in HuNan province. With Walk East ...
ShenZhen 深圳 shopping area walk
With Walk East ...

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