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Narcissists, psychopaths and other toxic people

A first step in getting out of a trapped life, to a real life, is to become free of toxic people.

Nobody is perfect; but most people know, to some extent, their faults, feel empathy and try to be better. But some people cannot see their faults, lack empathy and are always 'right' - the most important thing to know is that they cannot be 'fixed', understood, or healed by you (only a highly skilled psychotherapist stands a chance, and that's partly because there is no life relationship).

If you cannot (yet) get away, at least become aware that it is not your problem.

One can sense some similarities in dynamics with geo-politics.

A variety of voices on this topic - in no particular order (may need multiple viewings because it can take time to understand more than superficially) ...

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About love …

11 / 11 - 'Singles' Day'.

Maybe being an inseparable 11 is the better way compared to 11 ? 2 (1). Maybe that other 1 is art, or all humanity. Whatever it is for you - live more ...

Four great romantic short stories from SiChuan province, in south west China ...

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[video v=UyOCZAwClw4]   Plus more videos ...


The beauty of the historical DaMing Palace 大明宫

The DaMing Palace (DaMing Gong, Palace of Great Brilliance) was the imperial palace complex of the Tang Dynasty, located in its capital Chang'An. It served as the royal residence of the Tang emperors for more than 220 years.

Today, the DaMing Palace site is designated a National Heritage Site of China, located a little north east of present-day Xi'An city center, ShaanXi province, central China. One can take subway line 2 to DaMingGongXi (DaMing Palace West) station.

The palace complex was destroyed at the end of the Tang dynasty. The ruins were only discovered in the 1950s and some parts have now been reconstructed following careful archaeological analysis of the site. The reconstructions, museum and grounds opened to visitors in 2010.

[video v=SoSIpWbqS60]

A beautiful film ...

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A touching drama ...

Great cinematography

[video v=h_RiTWZjJoc]

WongFu Productions - a selection of dramas

Video : China : WongFu Productions - a selection of dramas

Funny and sometimes bitter-sweet dramas ... Featuring the great music of Jesse Chui and Thomas' Apartment A History of the Peace Sign Hong Kong Dream Line (2 parts) Nice Guy (3 parts) Raindrop Say no to fear and loathing - it's just a trick - 'divide and conquer'; 'we, the people,' stand together and celebrate our strength and the beauty of diversity. One world, one people, many cultures = paradise ...

'Feeling WuZhou' 梧州 - micro movie

Video : China : 'Feeling WuZhou' 梧州 - micro movie


'Nice Guy' and 'RainDrop' - drama (HD) - video

Video : China : 'Nice Guy' and 'RainDrop' - drama (HD) - video

Two great films by WangFu Productions (Philip Wang, Weslie Chan, 2007, 2010). Featuring the wonderful music of Jesse Chui.

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