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Mount JiuHua 九华山 in the snow
JǐuHuá Shān, 'Nine Glorious Mountains', is one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism. Located in AnHui province, it is famous for its rich landscape and ancient temples. A beautiful film ...
Creativity, Chinese language practice, and chaos, with Issa 伊薩 …
[videogallery id=UCSq937jnGuQAcl_yJf2gu6A]
TongLi 同里
TongLi, lies in the outskirts of SuZhou, JiangSu province in east China, about 100 km (62 miles) north-west of ShangHai. This charming water town retains many of the features of the ancient Kingdom of Wu.
China – democracy that delivers
With CGTN ... Trade versus coups and invasion. Long term benefits (for all) versus short term profits (for some). Bonus films - on MSM propaganda : With FridayEveryday ... With Jerry's Take on China ... When people come first ... How 4% of the world's population keeps trying to suppress the 96% - with Garland Nixon ... China is the true government of the people, by the people, for the people. If only the West would learn from China the way that China learns from the West.
One day in BeiJing 北京
Summer 2013 ...
Wonderful WuZhen 乌镇
This beautiful water town, often referred to as 'the Venice of the East', lies in the ancient Kingdom of Wu, between ShangHai, SuZhou and HangZhou, in ZheJiang province, east China.
BeiJing Botanical Garden and the Reclining Buddha Temple (WoFoSi)
With Beijing Old Liu ... Welcome to Beijing Botanical Garden Explore the rich diversity and stunning beauty of Beijing Botanical Garden. Introduction The Beijing Botanical Garden is a large botanical garden located in the western outskirts of Beijing, China. It covers a vast area and is dedicated to the collection, cultivation, and display of a wide variety of plants. Location The Beijing Botanical Garden is located in the Haidian District of Beijing, near the Western Hills and Xiangshan Park. History The Beijing Botanical Garden was established in 1955 and has since become one of the most significant botanical gardens in China. It was designed to serve both scientific and recreational purposes, providing a space for research, conservation, and public education about plant biodiversity. Attractions Peony Garden: A stunning garden featuring a vast array of peony varieties, particularly beautiful in late spring. Tropical Conservatory: Home to a wide variety of tropical and subtropical plants, including rare and endangered species. Rose Garden: An extensive collection of roses, showcasing both traditional and modern varieties. Plus fountains. Medicinal Herb Garden: Features a variety of plants used in traditional Chinese medicine. Orchid House: Displays a large number of orchid species and hybrids. Activities Guided Tours Educational Workshops Photography Botanical Research Seasonal Festivals and Events Facilities Visitor Center Restrooms Gift Shops Cafes and Restaurants Parking Lots Wheelchair Access Visitor Tips Wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring water and snacks, especially if you plan to stay for several hours. Visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds. Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Respect the plants and wildlife; do not pick flowers or disturb animals.
DaLi walking tour, YunNan province
With Walk East ...
Something different – Bach cello music

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