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Beautiful Shangri-La 香格里拉 – road trip

XiāngGéLǐLā, north west YunNan province, near the Tibetan Plateau. Film crew from TaiWan.

With wonderful ethereal / spiritual music. Don't miss it ...

[video v=7kNICy3ZYno]
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The beautiful gardens, temples and canals of SuZhou 苏州

SuZhou lies in JiangSu province, north of ShangHai. It is the cradle of Wu culture ...

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A visual guide to XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province

Home to the Dai minority.

This beautiful place lies within a tropical rainforest in the south of Yunnan and borders Laos and Myanmar, with a similar Buddhist culture.

[video v=s7P0CNZI6Js]

Incense and candles, at BaDaChu 八大处, BeiJing

BaDaChu, 'Eight Great Sights', is a park comprising a number of Buddhist temples and nunneries, some still active, on the slopes of the Western Hills on the edge of Beijing city.

Though not as high as XiangShan, and not reaching the mountain top, it is still an energetic climb to the top site. The forested hillside valleys, with many ancient trees, adds much to the enjoyment here; a nice place for a gentle hike in the countryside.

[video v=T5doLCbvj0k]

JiuHua Shan 九华山, AnHui province

With a number of Buddhist temples.

[video v=ickUKTPVNtA]

The ‘Hanging Monastry’ at DaTong, ShaanXi province

Suspended some 50m above a river, the monastry was built in the year 490 and most recently renovated in 1900.

Close by are the YunGang Grottoes - caves containing over 50,000 Buddhist statues from 3cm to 20m in height - and a number of Buddhist temples on Heng Mountain (via cable car). There is also the YingXian Pagoda, built in 1056.

A 6 hour train journey from Beijing (daily overnight sleeper; also from Xi'An and PingYao).

[video v=QiEE5QmONfI start=42]

TanZheSi and JieTaiSi : ancient temples west of BeiJing 北京

An informative film, made in early March 2010; there is still snow on the ground.

To see these temples at their best, visit between April and September when the mountains are green and the ancient trees give welcome shade from the heat. Fruit tree blossoms are abundant here in spring. One can take a local 'taxi' from one to the other along lovely winding roads through the hills.

[video v=gDDjK0OX9Qc]
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Three lesser-known temples in and near Beijing

Those featured in this film :

1) FaYuan Temple in south Beijing.

2) CiShou Pagoda in north west Beijing (the only surviving part of the original temple; the grounds are now a park).

3) JieTai Temple (JieTai Si) west from Beijing, situated in beautiful mountains.

[video v=aUDEDRAaNaQ]

Panoramic photos of the Temples of Beijing

200 panoramas of the Temples of Beijing (preview; click thumbnail for large image will be added later).


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