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Beautiful XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province

Home to the Buddhist Dai ethnic group, BanNa is close to the border with Myanmar, with an almost tropical climate.

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Beautiful XiShuangBanNa 西双银纳, YunNan province

Home of the Dai ethnic minority ...

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This is beautiful XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳傣族自治州, YunNan province

XiShuangBanNa located in the south of YunNan province, south China, is a charming international eco-tourism resort on the reaches of the Mekong river (known as the LanCang river in China), bordering with Laos and Myanmar, and adjacent to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Esteemed for its captivating tropical landscapes and exotic cultures of the 13 native minorities, this land is home to China's largest tropical rainforest and abundant biological resources, and the Dai Water Splashing Festival (which lasts for three days from April 13 to 15).

The Six Famous Tea Mountains region, 六大茶山 (Liù Dà Chá Shān) produce some of the most highly regarded Pu-Er tea.

There are daily flights from KunMing, DaLi and ChengDu.

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A visual guide to XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province

Home to the Dai minority.

This beautiful place lies within a tropical rainforest in the south of Yunnan and borders Laos and Myanmar, with a similar Buddhist culture.

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Dai Water Splashing at the Ethnic Culture Park, BeiJing 北京

 Scenes from the Water Splashing Festival performance (very scaled down winter version).

The sprinkling of water on another is a gesture offering a blessing at the time of the New Year and is common in South East Asian countries, including China's Yunnan province - particularly among the Dai ethnic group. In part, the water symbolises a cleansing of the old, which could bring bad luck in the new year, and the festival usually ends with an exuberant splashing celebration in which it is said that the more drenched one becomes, the more good luck one receives.

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Water Splasing Festival at XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province

Home of the Dai ethnic minority. XiShuangBanNa lies at the south of Yunnan province next to the border with Thailand and has a tropical climate. The water splashing is a gesture of blessing - washing away the past and giving new life.

XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province

Near the border with Laos.

A guide to YunNan 云南 province

Join the the Dai minority ethnic group at New Year with CCTV's Travelogue ...

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