Videos about Yonghegong, China

Green space by the east gate of Ditan Park, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in October 2010.

North side of the second ring road by YongHeGong.

Nearest subway station : YongHeGong (lines 2 and 5).

[video v=EGfUmxJLbgI]

Green space along the second ring road, BeiJing 北京

This delightful green space runs from JiShuiTan in the west to YongHeGong in the east.

It runs along the south side of the north second ring road. Passing GuLouDaJie and AnDingMen.

[video v=vpqCQ3Abm0Q]

YongHeGong 雍和宫 Lama Temple, BeiJing

YongHe Lama Temple dates from 1722 (Qing dynasty).

Emperor QianLong conferred it with imperial status and its roof tiles were changed to those with the imperial golden yellow color. The monastery became home to many Tibetan monks and eventually it was declared the National Center of Lama Administration.

It is open to the public in the afternoons. The nearest subway station is YongHeGong (lines 2 and 5).

Among the many fascinating features is the impressive 26 metre tall statue of the Maitreya Buddha that was carved from a single trunk of White Sandalwood.

[video v=gu6ODJ5NAGQ]   Plus more videos ...



Scenes at YongHeGong Lama Temple, Beijing

A lively Buddhist temple in central Beijing ...

[video v=mkaFXcsri0Q start=26]

Some scenes from BeiJing 北京

Includes the Drum Tower, YongHeGong Lama Temple and the Confucius Temple ...

[video v=KOasLCWXkUo start=40]

A trip to YongHeGong 雍和宫 Lama Temple, BeiJing

[video v=c9LTfIux0y4 start=11]

Panoramic photos of the Temples of Beijing

200 panoramas of the Temples of Beijing (preview; click thumbnail for large image will be added later).


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