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ZhangYe National GeoPark

GanSu province.

With Walk East ...

[video v=H6F7MBqEUSQ]   Plus more videos ...



Mount YanDang 雁蕩山, WenZhou, ZheJiang province

YanDangShan, in a micro movie.

YanDang Mountain is known for its natural beauty, arising from its many vertical rock faces and pinnacles, lush forests and bamboo groves, streams with clear water, waterfalls and caves. The area also hosts numerous temples and shrines, many built inside caves. A good place for hiking.

YanDangShan lis near the east coast of China. The rail station here lies between WenZhou and NingBo; the journey from ShangHai is about 4 hours.

A very beautiful film ...

[video v=mbsBccByap8 start=9]

JiaYuGuan 嘉峪关 – the western end of the Great Wall of China

Plus DunHuang oasis and ZhangYe DanXia GeoPark, all in GanSu province.

[video v=f8Pn9_AfyHE]   Plus more videos ...



Beautiful landscapes around ChongQing 重庆

Mountains, gorges, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, geoparks, nature reserves, national parks and scenic spots.

A wonderful film by ChongQing TV (a 25 minute excerpt from the full hour-long video).

[video v=rGiLgY57JQ0 start=1825 stop=3298]

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