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Happy in Shanghai … and Macau … and Hong Kong … and ShenZhen … : )( :

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

[video v=xzyzFxanBEQ]   Plus more videos ...



Happy in ShenZhen 深圳 : )

Great video !

Song by Pharrell Williams ...

[video v=oM0QXjRytJ8]

Bonus film : hop in for a drive around ShenZhen ...

  Plus more videos ...



Happy in Beijing 北京 : )( :

Family and friends from the Philippines on a trip to Beijing ...

[video v=uEIF9Tecnpw]

Happy HangZhou 杭州

HángZhōu has been voted China's happiest city.

There is an old saying : In the sky there is heaven, and on Earth there is HangZhou.

The last two films detail innovative projects in HangZhou - to locate a low carbon community above the train depot and an eco-friendly redevelopment of the XiXi Park area.

[video v=ZnS8OPhYnCM]
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