Videos about Amusement Park, China

The Dragon roller coaster, Ocean Park, Hong Kong 香港

[video v=fGiu1KukZsQ start=10 stop=3:14]

Happy Valley, BeiJing 北京

Photos from the carnival celebrating world cultures; with Yana Smutina ...

[video v=QIU9auo15oE start=1943]

Fun rides at ChimeLong Amusement Park, GuangZhou 广州

PanYu, GuangZhou.

[video v=pVq9kYJi3yA]   Plus more videos ...



ShinJingSan Amusement Park, BeiJing 北京

Includes a number of fun and scary rides ...

[video v=d4Ise-nhitg]

Rollercoaster ride at ChimeLong Amusement Park, GuangZhou 广州

With on-board POV footage.

[video v=ayYd77sMIYA start=71]

East 东 BeiJing 北京

Places include the 798 Art District at DaShanZi, Happy Valley amusement park, Silk Street Market, the Central Business District (CBD), 'The Place' and SanLiTun bar area.

[video v=o0lSYm0fTyY]
  Plus more videos ...



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