Videos about The Place, China

Seasonal lights and New Year countdown in BeiJing 北京

The first film features WangFuJing, XiDan and the Solana Center in ChaoYang Park.

The second film shows the New Year countdown celebrations at The Place, which features the world's largest overhead LED display.

[video v=a7fL2Z4TzJA]   Plus more videos ...



A trip to ‘The Place’, BeiJing 北京

The Place is a shopping and leisure center in the north of the CBD district.

Take a late evening ride from GuoMao along the east 3rd ring; DaWang Lu to YongAnLi.

[video v=rJDgSA3ZvG0 start=22]   Plus more videos ...



New Year 2013 at The Place, BeiJing 北京

31st December 2012.

[video v=iURyPV16yTg]

‘The Place’ mall in BeiJing 北京

The plaza in this shopping and leisure zone has a large overhead LED screen ...

[video v=FS8YEaf_xsc start=12]

The giant screen at The Place, Beijing

Located close to the Central Business District (CBD) in east/central Beijing.

The screen area is 7,500 square meters.

[video v=qxMZFB90W8s start=175]

DongZhiMen, the CBD and The Place in Beijing

A walk around the central/east part of Beijing ...

[video v=uBvRiDW2JBw]

East 东 BeiJing 北京

Places include the 798 Art District at DaShanZi, Happy Valley amusement park, Silk Street Market, the Central Business District (CBD), 'The Place' and SanLiTun bar area.

[video v=o0lSYm0fTyY]
  Plus more videos ...



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