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A ride around ShangHai 上海, by scooter

[video v=lzuK2Lexg3k start=24]

A rainy day in YangShuo 阳朔, and misty Li River 漓江 boat ride

GuangXi province.

[video v=d5ka4LXc6HU]

The Luna Fun Park in KunMing 昆明

KunMing is capital of Yunnan province, south-west China.

Nice shots with a wide-angle / fish-eye type lens ...

[video v=J-XbgbFCtlI]

Fun rides at ChimeLong Amusement Park, GuangZhou 广州

PanYu, GuangZhou.

[video v=pVq9kYJi3yA]   Plus more videos ...



Mountain bike ride, Beijing

In Beijing's Western Fragrant Hills / Xiang Shan.

With views of the city from the higher levels.

[video v=IPefmcFYnLA]

Jia Yo !  (Let's go !)


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