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NanJing city view
JiangSu province. With Lee David ...
On the 13th January 2024 the people of Taiwan make their choice
It comes down to this - do they want Taiwan to remain in the status quo (semi-independence) with good relations with the rest of China, - or - does it want to become increasingly a US (and Japan) puppet regime / missile base (DPP) - (that would be suicide) ? If the former, it makes sense to back the KMT and not waste the vote on a third party that cannot win. The future of Taiwan, and its prosperity, lies with closer ties with China, not war. With Brian Berletic / The New Atlas ... With Danny Haiphong and George Galloway (jump to 1 hour 11 min.s for the Taiwan discussion) ... With David Oualaalou ...
The awesome ShenZhen city light show
With Walking Vincent ... "Tonight, I'm coming to ShenZhen's FuTian district to watch the light show. Futian is the central area of ShenZhen, where the government is located, and the city's tallest building, Ping An Finance Center, is also here. In mid-December, the weather in ShenZhen starts to get cold, so there are fewer people on the streets. Every Friday and Saturday night, there is a light show in the Civic Center Square. This is one of the viewing spots, but I heard there's an even better viewing location on a nearby hill (I will go and explore it later, so stay tuned). Well, let's enjoy this beautiful light show together. In China, ShenZhen ranks first nationwide with 185 buildings taller than 200 meters, far surpassing New York in the United States. Moreover, the economic development history of Shenzhen is only a short span of over forty years, which is truly astonishing." With Walking in the air ...
ShenZhen City Guide
Overview ShenZhen (深圳) is a modern metropolis located in Guangdong Province, bordering Hong Kong. It's renowned as a major tech hub and a gateway to China's manufacturing industry. The city's skyline is dominated by sleek skyscrapers, reflecting its status as a global innovation center. Top Attractions Splendid China Folk Village (锦绣中华民俗村) - Jǐnxiù Zhōnghuá Mínsú Cūn Window of the World (世界之窗) - Shìjiè Zhī Chuāng Dameisha Beach (大梅沙海滨公园) - Dàméishā Hǎibīn Gōngyuán Lianhua Mountain Park (莲花山公园) - Liánhuā Shān Gōngyuán Shenzhen Museum (深圳博物馆) - Shēnzhèn Bówùguǎn Dafen Oil Painting Village (大芬油画村) - Dàfēn Yóuhuà Cūn Nanshan Cultural Tourist Zone (南山文化旅游区) - Nánshān Wénhuà Lǚyóu Qū Shenzhen Bay Park (深圳湾公园) - Shēnzhèn Wān Gōngyuán Shenzhen Safari Park (深圳野生动物园) - Shēnzhèn Yěshēng Dòngwùyuán Tech and Innovation Huaqiangbei Electronics Market (华强北电子市场) - Huáqiángběi Diànzǐ Shìchǎng Shenzhen Bay Tech Ecological Park (深圳湾科技生态园) - Shēnzhèn Wān Kējì Shēngtài Yuán Tencent Seafront Towers (腾讯滨海大厦) - Téngxùn Bīnhǎi Dàshà DJI Flagship Store (大疆旗舰店) - Dàjiāng Qíjiàn Diàn Shopping and Dining Coco Park and OCT-LOFT (coco park 和 华侨城创意文化园区) - Huáqiáo Chéng Chuàngyì Wénhuà Yuánqū Dongmen Pedestrian Street (东门步行街) - Dōngmén Bùxíng Jiē OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park (华侨城创意文化园区) - Huáqiáo Chéng Chuàngyì Wénhuà Yuánqū Laojie (Old Street) in Luohu (罗湖老街) - Luóhú Lǎojiē Nightlife and Entertainment Shekou Sea World (蛇口海上世界) - Shékǒu Hǎishàng Shìjiè Futian and Luohu Districts (福田和罗湖区) - Fútián hé Luóhú Qū Coco Park and OCT Bay (coco park 和 华侨城创意文化园区) - Huáqiáo Chéng Chuàngyì Wénhuà Yuánqū Shenzhen Concert Hall (深圳音乐厅) - Shēnzhèn Yīnyuètīng Practical Tips Transportation: Utilize Shenzhen's efficient metro system and ride-hailing apps. Language: Learn basic Mandarin phrases for easier communication. Safety: Be cautious of pickpocketing in crowded areas. Visa: Check China's visa policy based on your nationality. Currency: Use local currency (Renminbi) for transactions. Weather: Pack accordingly for Shenzhen's subtropical climate. Hidden Gems Wutong Mountain (梧桐山) - Wútóng Shān Dapeng Ancient City (大鹏古城) - Dàpéng Gǔchéng Guangdong Hakka Museum (广东客家博物馆) - Guǎngdōng Kèjiā Bówùguǎn Additional Dining Recommendations Dim Sum: Experience authentic Cantonese dim sum. Seafood: Indulge in fresh seafood in Shekou. Street Food: Explore Dongmen Food Street for local snacks. By exploring these attractions, dining spots, and practical tips, you'll have a comprehensive guide to experiencing Shenzhen's rich blend of culture, technology, and natural beauty.
A Voice of China (3)
Our third and final post on the 4th series of the Voice of China - surprise edition ; ) Includes : Lin Yan (林燕) - "别来纠缠我" (Don't Pester Me) Zhang Xin (张新) - "Fallin'" 21:14 Zhu Ke (朱克) - "离不开你" (Can't Leave You) 24:08 SaYa Chang (张惠春) - "怎么说我不爱你" (How Can You Say I Don't Love You) 27:31 Li ZhiXian (李致贤) & Chyi Chin (齐秦) - "火柴天堂" (Matchstick Heaven) and more ... Much more music : click here !
Hong Kong riots – how one HK cafe is a beacon of courage, and thereby hope, amidst the violence and hate
An inspiration to us all ...
Hong Kong City Guide
Welcome to Hong Kong! Explore the vibrant city of Hong Kong, where East meets West in a dazzling fusion of culture, cuisine, and modernity. From towering skyscrapers to tranquil islands, Hong Kong offers a captivating experience. About Hong Kong Hong Kong is a dynamic city known for its stunning skyline, bustling street markets, and picturesque harbor. As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong has its own unique blend of Chinese and Western influences. Key features of Hong Kong include its vibrant nightlife, world-class dining scene, and diverse shopping options. Top Attractions Victoria Peak: Ride the Peak Tram for panoramic views of Hong Kong's skyline. Star Ferry: Take a scenic ride across Victoria Harbour between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Ngong Ping 360: Visit Lantau Island and see the Tian Tan Buddha statue. Temple Street Night Market: Explore this lively market for street food, souvenirs, and bargain shopping. Victoria Harbour Light Show: Watch the Symphony of Lights show illuminating Hong Kong's skyscrapers. Ocean Park: Enjoy thrilling rides and see marine life at this popular amusement park. Stanley Market: Visit this waterfront market for arts, crafts, and seaside dining. Wong Tai Sin Temple: Experience traditional Chinese architecture and visit a popular Taoist temple. Hong Kong Disneyland: Discover magical attractions and meet Disney characters. Culture and History Hong Kong's culture is a blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. Chinese Festivals: Experience traditional festivals like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. Colonial Heritage: Explore historic sites such as the Former British Consulate and Western District Public Cargo Working Area. Lamma Island: Escape to this laid-back island with hiking trails and seafood restaurants. Hong Kong Heritage Museum: Learn about the city's history, art, and culture through exhibitions. Dining in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a food lover's paradise, offering a wide range of culinary delights. Dim Sum: Enjoy traditional Cantonese dumplings and tea at famous dim sum restaurants. Street Food: Try local favorites like egg waffles, fish balls, and roast meat on rice. Seafood: Feast on fresh seafood at fishing villages like Sai Kung or Lei Yue Mun. Michelin-Starred Dining: Indulge in gourmet cuisine at acclaimed restaurants around the city. Shopping in Hong Kong Explore Hong Kong's diverse shopping scene, from luxury boutiques to bustling street markets. Causeway Bay: Shop for international brands and designer labels in this vibrant shopping district. Mong Kok: Browse through markets like Ladies' Market and Sneakers Street for trendy fashion and accessories. Central District: Discover upscale shopping malls and department stores in Hong Kong's financial hub. Stanley Village: Find unique gifts, home decor, and clothing at this waterfront market. Getting Around Hong Kong Explore Hong Kong's efficient transportation network to navigate the city and its surrounding areas. MTR (Mass Transit Railway): Use the extensive subway system to reach major attractions and districts. Star Ferry: Take a scenic ferry ride across Victoria Harbour between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Trams: Ride the iconic double-decker trams for a leisurely tour of Hong Kong Island. Buses and Minibuses: Use public buses or minibus services for convenient transportation. Taxis and Ride-Hailing: Hail taxis or use ride-hailing apps like Uber for quick trips. Where to Stay in Hong Kong Choose from a variety of accommodations in Hong Kong, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses. Luxury Hotels: Experience world-class hospitality at luxury hotels in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, or Causeway Bay. Boutique Hotels: Stay in stylish boutique hotels offering personalized services and unique designs. Hostels and Guesthouses: Budget-friendly options with shared facilities, ideal for backpackers and solo travelers. Serviced Apartments: Rent furnished apartments for extended stays and added convenience. Practical Tips for Visitors Best Time to Visit: Visit in autumn (October to December) for pleasant weather and clear skies. Language: English and Cantonese are widely spoken; use basic phrases for communication. Currency: Use Hong Kong Dollars (HKD); major credit cards accepted in most establishments. Etiquette: Respect local customs and traditions; queue patiently and avoid loud behavior in public. Safety: Hong Kong is generally safe, but be cautious in crowded areas and watch for traffic. Internet Access: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi available in public areas and cafes. Enjoy Your Trip to Hong Kong! Get ready for an unforgettable journey in Hong Kong, where every corner reveals something new and exciting. Whether you're exploring iconic landmarks or savoring delicious street food, Hong Kong promises an enriching travel experience.
Great Wall 长城 adventures
Widescreen remix ...
XiaMen City Singers 醒耳人声乐团 – music
Mr. Q - pure perfection - don't miss it ! ...

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