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Inline skating contest, BeiJing 北京

'Battle Masters Beijing'.

The second film is from a pairs contest in Germany, 2011.

[video v=-tHmeZo9yPA start=5] [video v=wdLq9Rb9XB0]

Winter fun in BeiJing 北京

Here we are in July 2011, mid-summer and temperatures sometimes over 100F!

So here is a cool down - snow and ice fun from winter 2010 / 2011.

Including skiing at WanLong BaYi Ski Resort (first film) and ice skating at ZhiZhuYuan Park (Purple / Black Bamboo Park, near Beijing Zoo) (second film).

Filmed in January 2011 ...

[video v=O9zgaVaup7o] [video v=95WPfS4CVh4 start=20]

Artistry on Ice, BeiJing 北京

Turandot by Xue Shen and HongBo Zhao.

The figure skating gala was held on September 4th. The Chinese skating pair married the same day.

The second film shows Pang Qing and Tong Jian skating to the Impossible Dream.

[video v=PD1OIGbdqmQ] [video v=wxo0mFJKPXI]

Free-line skating in GuangZhou 广州

Free-line skating in the park ...

[video v=31-2rvA6toU]

Free-line skating in GuangZhou

In Dafu Forest Park, one of 17 forest parks on the outskirts of GuangZhou

[video v=kPCHIZa98ek]

Free-line skating in Beijing - video

Evening in WangFuJing.

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