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Winter wonderland fun trip near Harbin 哈尔滨

HeiLongJiang province.

聖誕節哈爾濱滑雪 Christmas ski trip; December 2016.

With a great song ...

[video v=tK62oHSod9c]

Winter fun in BeiJing 北京

Here we are in July 2011, mid-summer and temperatures sometimes over 100F!

So here is a cool down - snow and ice fun from winter 2010 / 2011.

Including skiing at WanLong BaYi Ski Resort (first film) and ice skating at ZhiZhuYuan Park (Purple / Black Bamboo Park, near Beijing Zoo) (second film).

Filmed in January 2011 ...

[video v=O9zgaVaup7o] [video v=95WPfS4CVh4 start=20]

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