Videos about Jianzi, China

JianZi and Tai Chi near WangFuJing, BeiJing 北京

Filmed at the end of September 2010.

[video v=s6rq-zJTeNA]

JianZi at LongTan Park, BeiJing 北京

The first video is at half-speed.

[video v=67pI6ka1nB0]
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JianZi 毽子 in JingShan Park 景山公园, BeiJing

The popular game of JianZi.

Similar to Hackey Sack (Foot Bag).

[video v=OL4BBcEEvHo]

JianZi at the Temple of Heaven, BeiJing 北京

JianZi is a popular park activity in China.

[video v=o7HdZwolOpY]

JianZi 毽子 !

A popular pastime in parks all over China.

JianZi combines athleticism, balance, coordination and inner calm. It has been played in China since the Han Dynasty (200 BC). The 'shuttlecock' is composed of a number of coin-like metal weights and colored feathers.

The first film is from the People's Park in GuangZhou; the second is at the Long Corridor of the Temple of Heaven in BeiJing. The third film shows some masters at play.

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