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A trip to Inner Mongolia 内蒙古 province

A beautiful film - don't miss it ...

[video v=ciSNl9HysY0]
[video v=Hbqre-uPuIs]
[video v=J3VoWtQU_4I]
[video v=x8BFaTDBMwE]
[video v=rRNhmVc1gXM]
[video v=CFyEwEbld0U]

Cycling the Karakoram Highway, from Kashgar to the Pakistan border

There are beautiful mountains, lakes and grasslands along one of the world's highest modern roads - XinJiang province ...

[video v=Mtl5V0-UlCA]

A motorcycle trip through Inner Mongolia 内蒙古

The beautiful, wide-open grasslands of north China ...

[video v=LLLcXIjZt48 start=45]

Bonus film - Mongolian music : 'Silent Sky' by the HAYA Band with DaiQing TaNa ...

[video v=iglKMvk0lXQ]

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