SanYa 三亚, HaiNan 海南 island

HaiNan map

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TeamLab, ShangHai – an awesome immersive audio-visual art experience
With FunFancie ... TeamLab is an interdisciplinary art collective and creative studio based in Japan that is renowned for its innovative and immersive digital art installations. It has expanded its presence globally. In Shanghai, TeamLab has created several immersive art experiences that blend digital technology, interactive elements, and traditional art forms to create breathtaking environments that engage the senses and encourage visitor participation. These exhibitions often feature a combination of projection mapping, interactive projections, LED lights, soundscapes, and sensor-based technology to create dynamic and interactive environments. One of the most notable exhibitions is TeamLab Borderless Shanghai, which is featured here. It is characterized by its seamless integration of digital art into physical spaces, creating a sense of boundless, dreamlike environments where visitors can explore and interact with the artwork freely. In these exhibitions, visitors are invited to walk through rooms filled with mesmerizing digital art installations that respond to their movements and interactions. For example, visitors may find themselves surrounded by vibrant, blooming flowers that change color as they move, or immersed in a digital ocean where schools of fish swim around them in response to their presence. The exhibition aims to create immersive experiences that evoke wonder, curiosity, and a sense of inter-connectedness with the world around us, unforgettable experiences that blur the boundaries between art, technology and the imagination.
DunHuang oasis in the Gobi desert, GanSu province
With Little Chinese Everywhere ...
XiangMi Park, ShenZhen, during the Spring Festival holidays
Also known as Honey Lake Park ...
How thoughts make you unhappy
While thought can be a great tool, one can be controlled by ones thoughts rather than the reverse; that is, a slave to one's past experiences and how that projects into the future like a railway track. To be endlessly controlled by the past, and the past's plans for the future, is to die without having really lived. How to calm the noise in your mind. With Eckhart Tolle ...
A view of ShenZhen 深圳
Vocal music covers
吉岛少儿合唱团翻唱周深《亲爱的旅人啊》 阿卡贝拉版《好想爱这个世界啊》By 醒耳人声乐团(华晨宇 Cover) Tears in the sand 哭砂 吉他弹唱 - MiuMiu, aged 4 you are my bitterest waiting, making me long for and fear the future you used to say you are a dust, that would sometimes get into my eyes playfully. rather leaving me cry, than letting me love you, you disappeared in the wind just like a dust. you are my most painful choice, why won't you stop wandering alone the sea to you are inseparable, you always brought a pocketful of sand to me. at last coming to see me, but then leaving me again the sand dripping out of my hands like flowing tears the sand brought by the wind, settles in my sorrowful eyes, anyone could tell i'm waiting for you. the sand brought by the wind, piles in my mind, is an impression no one could erase the sand brought by the wind, passes thru all memories, everyone knows i miss you. the sand brought by the wind, weeps in gloom, was our separation destined?
Why China is different
A talk by Martin Jacques; October 2020.
Street food tour in DaLi 大理, YunNan province
Views of BeiJing 北京
A beautiful new film by David Lee ...

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