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A trip to the beautiful Summer Palace 頤和園 in Beijing

In their last days as students at the Beijing University of Language and Culture, trips to the Summer Palace (YíHéYuán) and the ruins of, but still beautiful, 'Old Summer Palace' (YuanMingYuan).

These are within walking distance of each other in west Beijing and both have metro (subway) stops. In neither film are all the scenic spots visited; but then these are huge places; both are well worth a visit when you're in Beijing ...

[video v=TpQpYD_CnpA start=4:15 stop=16:40] [video v=5VRDOpxDehk start=7:00 stop=17:30]

YuanMingYuan 圆明园, the original Summer Palace in BeiJing – documentary

A fascinating documentary, in English.

Discover how this place embodied the quintessential Chinese garden arts, and how it came to be destroyed ...

[video v=DU9Hd9a4Q54]

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