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The legacy of the BeiJing 北京 2008 Olympics

[video v=a6l_2KRvQb0]

The BeiJing 北京 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony

The artistic performances (in HD).

Featuring an innovative performance of Ravel's Bolero, with a young girl survivor of the SiChuan earthquake earlier that year, plus Debussy's Claire de Lune, and much, much more (including the lighting of the torch) ...

Note : The HD version is currently unavailable; we are showing a highlights video for now.

[video v=MONPld724A8]

The Opening Ceremony of the BeiJing 北京 Olympics 2008 (HD)

Relive the amazing scenes from August 8th 2008 ...

[video v=k6jfZopwvcI]

Highlights of the BeiJing 北京 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony (HD)

Still searching for the Bolero, but these two are still awesome.

Five and a half years ago already. Magic moments ...

[video v=qrLMOv_56MA start=79][video v=mJyqcdE-XPY start=90]

The BeiJing 北京 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony (no voiceover)

The artistic section, featuring 'You and Me' with Liu Huan and Sarah Brightman, among many other memories. August 8th, 8pm; the `Bird's Nest` National Stadium.

北京奥运会开幕式 (无运动员入场式, 中英注释

[video v=k6jfZopwvcI]

A look back at the BeiJing 北京 2008 Olympics - video

Unforgettable memories ...

Olympics flashback - table tennis finals - BeiJing 北京 2008

Mens' and womens' singles and doubles finals. Beijing 2008 ...

The BeiJing 北京 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Beautiful memories ...

A look back at the 2008 BeiJing 北京 Olympics

Some memories. On the 08 08 2008, the highly acclaimed Beijing Olympics began with a stunning opening show at the National 'Birds Nest' Stadium ...

Art works from the BeiJing 北京 2008 Olympics

Art works in the Olympic Park, November 2010.

The Birds Nest Stadium and Olympic Green, BeiJing 北京

The Olympic Green is a huge site that includes the 'Birds Nest' national stadium and the 'Water Cube' aquatics center. Here was the main setting when Beijing hosted the highly regarded summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2008.

The Olympic Green Village in BeiJing 北京

Main site of the BeiJing 2008 Olympics.

Flashback: The 2008 Beijing Olympics - video

At 8pm on August 8th, 2008 the cultural and sporting extravaganza began ...

Flashback: Beijing Olympics 2008 promotional film - video

Beijing 2008, China. One World - One Dream.

BeiJing 北京 Olympics memories : You and Me (song and clips)

Sung by Liu Huan & Sarah Brightman, with clips of friendship from the games ... Created by China Central Television (CCTV).

Very best of the 2008 BeiJing 北京 Olympics

Beautiful video. More videos on the Olympic website:

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