This girl is on fire ! (music videos)

Sometimes in browsing the web disparate things just seem to come together, as here. Two different popular singing shows, one an established artist, one a teen on a first audition; one common theme - 'this girl is on fire'.

In the first video, from 'I am a singer', I was so struck by the gusto of the performance. The cut-aways are to the other competitors; one can feel that the knives were out (in some cases) but she said 'take that', and nailed it ...

The song is hard to translate but means something like : I want to be the real me (not one with a smile who is sad inside).

Second is a lovely teen wearing a chili pepper (which is a big plus in my book); it's a bit rough in places but she hits the key lines great. Momo Wu (we love you too) watch out ;)

What I love about the 'Voice of China' is that it has real humanity - judges with true music passion and pure hearts, plus a sense of hummor ...

鄧紫棋 G.E.M. (Gem Tang) - 存在_我是歌手第二季


中國好聲音 2014-07-18 第三季 - 第一期 劉至佳 - 'Girl on Fire' (Alicia Keys)


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