Videos about Liaoning, China

This is ShenYang 沈阳, provincial capital of LiaoNing

[video v=jVofOJY_Pjc start=31]

Beautiful DaLian 美丽大连 超清

LiaoNing province. A beautiful film ...

[video v=-nR8Ri-jqUs]

DaLian at night ...

[video v=tTQ8HHBXTYs c=2]

Informational guide ...

[video v=ZIvqhhzTBmY c=2]

ShenYang, LiaoNing province

[video v=t2vWEQ2wa7g]

A guide to AnShan 鞍山, LiaoNing province

Explore AnShan with CCTV's Travelogue ...

[video v=s11NWwCktC4]
[video v=CMU8MFugO0k c=2]

Some scenes from DaLian 大连, LiaoNing province

DaLian is a coastal city east from BeiJing across the BoHai sea.

[video v=AOgoWG8wyDY]
[video v=Nb1XcFo3uKw c=2] [video v=oTRG7PyJxeU c=2]

Beautiful DaLian 大连, LiaoNing province

Explore the coastal city of Dalian with CCTV's Travelogue ...

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